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Welcome to our Mysterial Community Journey!

Our human experience is inherently uncertain, and the more we resist this truth the more challenging our lives will be…

Tolerating and even partnering with the unknown is a capacity that can be cultivated.

In the midst of life’s overwhelming demands, it’s easy to fall back on conditioned responses – reacting, pushing away, going numb, distracting ourselves. But imagine a different approach, one that empowers you to not just endure but flourish…where you move into action from a centered place, discern what is yours to do, self-regulate when you get emotionally triggered, trust your gut knowing, dream and envision a new future and partner with the Mystery to unfold it all.

Imagine a world where we are dynamically guided by women who are partners with the Great Mystery and know how to unfold the emergent, revealing breath-taking beauty and harmony.

In our global Mysterial sisterhood, let’s come together to explore
and share our discoveries. Each day, we will…

○  Focus on a specific intelligence center and fine-tune our awareness.
  Be part of a conscious Feminine wave, awakening all our ways of knowing.
  Witness the magic that is possible when we come home to our full selves. 

I invite you to set an intention to commit to this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Let’s create a community where the unpredictable nature of reality becomes a source of creativity and possibility. It’s time to break free from our hypermasculine conditioning and stop being tossed around by life’s uncertainties and become the co-creators of a beautiful new world. 


DAY 1: Centering Practice

Through centering, you become more relaxed and permeable to the wisdom of head, heart, and hara (gut), growing the capacity to neutralize the effects of your reactivity and to source your actions from your deepest intentions. Together we will experience what is possible when head, heart and hara are aligned. 

DAY 2: Awakening Your Hara Center 

In many traditions the ‘Gut’ is the seat of confidence and strength, the ground from which we stand in our inner knowing and authority. We’ll listen to the subtle somatic cues that inform us of what is ours to do. 

DAY 3: Awakening Your Heart Center

Through the Heart center we are aware of what we feel, what we deeply desire and what is happening in our relationships. We’ll explore self-regulation, leading from the heart and activating compassion, empathy, and loving-kindness for ourselves and others.

DAY 4: Awakening Your Head Center 

In our dominantly left-brain Western culture, the right brain has languished. We need to bring it back online. It is spontaneous, unlimited, imaginative, and connects us to the field of all possibilities. We’ll awaken and balance both hemispheres of the Head center.

DAY 5: Being with the Mystery

On our final day we will supercharge our 5-day experience, embracing the transformative power of recognizing and nurturing all your ways of knowing. We’ll experience what it means to truly partner with the Mystery

Each day, you’ll receive a video with…

Short guided meditation

Inspiring poem for reflection

Energetic image to contemplate

An actionable practice

We encourage you to join our private Facebook group to deepen your experience and engage with fellow blooming Mysterials.

(The daily prompts and meditations will be posted in that space, as well.)