"I felt so safe, so held…"

- Astrid van den Broek


After a serious accident that resulted in a brain injury, Astrid felt the need to reinvent herself. She wasn’t happy, she was worn out, and felt frustrated that the coping techniques she had previously learned weren’t helping her overcome deep-rooted limiting beliefs. After taking the Depth program, Astrid is now enjoying “effortless effort” in her busy and fulfilling life.


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"The most valuable thing I learned is to be in my own body…learning to be comfortable with my authentic being."

- Elizabeth Friesen

"Once I had more connection with my inner self, I was able to make decisions that I didn't know needed to be made."

-Arlene Fairfield

"I felt a cascading effect...the soul-economy you feel when you're in alignment with the universe."

-Victoria Baker, Waldorf School Educator

“There was a vastness to the shift that occurred in my life.”

- Nota Lucas