The Mysterial Sequence

Through our in-depth work with many cohorts of students in our University certificate programs we have decoded a developmental process, designed specifically for women, that consists of five distinct and sequential steps.

The Mysterial Sequence is an elegant developmental process that clears the shadows and cultivates all of our Feminine/Yin and Masculine/Yang essences, providing the “critical path” to a sustainable inner upgrade. Like a plant that unfolds from seed, to shoot, to leaves and flowers, a woman develops in an organic process that unfolds in identifiable stages, each more complex than the next. These stages build upon one another and none can be skipped.

Using the catalytic function of primary archetypes our approach is specifically designed to address the unique nature of a woman’s developmental unfolding, and to redress wounding that occurred at various stages of our emergence into womanhood as we tried to fit into a hyper-masculine culture. As you move through the Sequence today as an adult woman you touch back into the early shaping patterns of your youth and liberate those aspects of yourself that are stalled or repressed..

And the order of the sequence isn't arbitrary. It harmonically mirrors the natural order in which these Yin-Yang essences emerged in human consciousness and culture as we evolved. 

At each step of the Mysterial Sequence, the participant replaces a core limiting belief with a core liberating belief, and with practice, embodies 4 core integral leadership capacities. With deep practice, the integrated meta-capacity of that step emerges, expressed uniquely through the being and doing of each woman.

The work done at each step, each transformation of The Mysterial Sequence transcends and includes the work done in the step before.  After step 5, the result is a complete inner upgrade that enables a woman’s Mysterial Way of Being to emerge.

This upgrade is not just about women adding a few new behavioral skills to their tool belt. It is much deeper and wider than that, ushering in a whole new level of consciousness, connectedness and creative contribution. 

"While my journey is life long, I can say for certain that the way I “show up” has profoundly shifted since I began my Mysterial development. I’m able to let many things go and am in greater acceptance with the flow of life, particularly in my interactions with others. Most importantly I understand what is necessary for my well being in a way that I never could have before. I understand that to be a full human being one has to tend the mind, heart and body. I see now that the over “doing” lifestyle is a path to burnout and frustration. And I now have the tools to address any aspect of my life that I have the courage to examine."

Amy S., Not for Profit Board Member and Leader

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"What a rich book! Like the wise women they are, Anderson and Cannon take us by the hand and guide us confidently through the transformation that is already underway for thousands of women—and men—who have felt the tug of Mysterial potential within. In delineating five clear stages and multiple practices to support maturation of integral capacities at each stage, the authors have created an elegant map for a brave new emerging model of leadership." 
Belinda Gore, Senior faculty The Deep Coaching Institute, author Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook