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In all of my recent speaking opportunities I have been asking the question, “How many of you here today are in the midst of a transition of some kind – old structures or ways of being are breaking down but the new forms are not yet visible…perhaps it is a relationship or a job, or a living situation that is ending or maybe it hasn’t ended in form yet but you can feel the lack of aliveness and joy in it…and you also sense something else is coming toward you…sound familiar?” 

95% of the hands always go up.

Something is happening…some…thing is happening…

What if these changes are not signs of failure or regression or hopelessness…something we have to resist or fight against? What if we could ‘Welcome Discomfort’ as the sign that we are pointed in the right direction – toward growth and emergence. When we reach the limits of an old way of being or a worldview that is no longer a match of the demands and stage of our lives it generally starts to get pretty uncomfortable. Rightly so. This is the signal that growth is required. We are being prompted to evolve a more complex ‘inner operating system’ to meet the evolving conditions of our lives.

Discovering that the turmoil – the suffering and the longing – in our lives could be an invitation to grow instead of a sign of failure is often a deep relief for women.

Working with the director Martha Enson and filmmaker Alex Carillo we created a short video which makes the case for why it is so vital right now that women turn toward their suffering and longing in a community of support to awaken the Mysterial potential within.