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Autobiography of Eve

By Ansel Elkins

Wearing nothing but snakeskin
boots, I blazed a footpath, the first
radical road out of that old kingdom
toward a new unknown.
When I came to those great flaming gates
of burning gold,
I stood alone in terror at the threshold
between Paradise and Earth.
There I heard a mysterious echo:
my own voice
singing to me from across the forbidden
side. I shook awake—
at once alive in a blaze of green fire.
Let it be known: I did not fall from grace.
I leapt
to freedom. 

Today we honor women and girls and our right to: be fully ourselves, to be loved and cherished, to be treated as equals to men and boys, to receive equivalent wages, to have strong voices that are respected and heard, to trust our deep Feminine ways of knowing, to return home to our beautiful bodies, and to be in positions of power and influence shaping a positive world for all beings.

It is time now that we truly let go of the deeply encoded myths that we are not enough, that we have to do to be value, that we do not belong, that it is not safe to express ourselves fully and that we do not have enough knowledge, connections or power to make a difference in the world. 

We are not broken.
We do not need to be fixed to fit into the hypermasculine worldview of wholeness. 

On this International Women’s Day I invite you to recognize yourself as a woman emerging at the edge of evolution with capacities and competencies that have never been seen before. With a wholeness that combines all of your Feminine and Masculine strengths –  an innate potentiality I call Mysterial. And know that you are not alone!

We are Rising Women Leading a Rising World.

A year ago I was invited to join a global initiative called Rising Women Rising World as the Pioneer of Deep Feminine Wisdom. Today on International Women’s Day I am excited to announce that we are launching our RWRW membership program! We intend our emerging collective field to be a way for women around the world – who are committed to doing the inner work and outer service to positively shape a world that works for all beings – to join together in a dynamic community of sisters. 

A few days ago, along with the co-founders and other core members of Rising Women Rising World, I had the opportunity to engage in a powerful conversation about why it matters now for women to come together in new ways that set us free to be potent change agents on the planet. 

This short video will give you a sense of Rising Women Rising World – why the world needs wise, loving and powerful women now and why we will need each other now.

Mysterial women are emerging now to bring profound new ways of being, that engage both our Feminine and Masculine strengths, into manifestation in the world.

Money is one of the core languages of exchange in the world. One that is important for you to explore personally and one that is important for us collectively to reinvent.

At the core of the old language around money lies two powerful limiting beliefs:  “I am not enough” and “I have to do to be of value.” Working with hundreds of women over 15 years we discovered that these two sabotaging beliefs were embedded deep down in the very cells of our bodies as women.

When those core wounds are healed right down in the DNA there is a profound shift in how we value ourselves and our contribution in the marketplace.  

I had the chance to appear on Crystal Arnold’s Money Morphosis podcast. We had a thought-provoking conversation about “women’s inner operating system” and how outdated beliefs within that system can block women’s money flow.

In the podcast:

  • I share how a difficult and challenging loss in my life was the transformative fire that opened me to new levels of the innate potentiality I call Mysterial.
  • I give a simple practice that research has shown will engage our parasympathetic nervous system and settle us when we are under stress. (And certainly our relationship to money often causes stress!).
  • I share why it matters now—at this particular moment in time—that women do the deep work required to ‘upgrade their inner operating systems’, claim their worth and value and be the leaders that can shape a positive future for all beings.
  • I also talk about why we have an ‘adaptive advantage’ to do just that.

Sending my love,