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My work in the past two decades has revolved around helping women awaken access to more of their consciousness and, therefore, be able to bring online what I call a "new operating system." This system embraces a new way of being and doing that leads to a profoundly different way of leading; graduating out of habitual and conditioned ways of responding to life

I recently had the pleasure of discussing the "inner lizard" with my good friend and colleague Martha Hamilton, author of the new book "Going Reptile: How Engaging Your Inner Lizard Leads to More Fulfilling Work and Personal Relationships." 

Martha has a background founded in the corporate world, with experience in marketing, accounting, and healthcare technology. Her awareness of non-cognitive information ignited her success, allowing her to create huge, groundbreaking shifts in business strategy. Now a coach and consultant, Martha helps her clients free themselves from prisons of their own making through her empathic and visionary guidance. 

Art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Art by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Going "reptile" is when our prefrontal cortex, the hub of our emotional and behavioral functioning, goes offline. When this occurs, the more primitive reptile brain takes over, causing us to become more reactive and less logical. As we engage more with our primitive nature, we find that we can stay connected with ourselves and others more deeply, leading to more fulfilling professional and personal relationships.

In this discussion, we explore:

  • How to recognize when the "reptile" takes over
  • How we can train our brain to work with the primitive mind
  • Practices and strategies to help us deepen our abilities to "notice"
  • Ways in which we can identify and use the different levels of "noticing" as entry points to expansion

I'm pleased to announce that Martha is going to join us as a bonus speaker in an upcoming Mysterial Leadership Essentials course, where we will dive more deeply into practices of recognition; bringing more balance to the mind so that we can foster better relationships and work experiences. Enrollment opens next week - stay tuned for updates!

You can listen to the full conversation here...


In this brief conversation, Martha shares a simple practice to begin to engage with this new awareness, in order to move towards having more fulfilling work and relationships.

With love,

Suzanne Anderson

P.S. What situations or relationships would you like to 'train your brain' to stay connected within? Was there something specific that you resonated with in this video? Please share in the comment section below!