What's the difference between the various Mysterial courses?

The Mysterial Sequence Introductory Course
This course outlines The Mysterial Sequence, which is the developmental pathway that was revealed through 15 years of research with hundreds of women. It provides a chance to dip your toes into the Mysterial waters first, to see if this path is resonant, before committing to the Essentials Course.

The Introductory Course is like snorkeling in the ocean, peering at the reefs and lifeforms swimming around below the waterline (in the unconscious mind). It's discovering a new world and getting a feel for swimming in these Mysterial waters.


The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course
This course awakens the 5 gates, or archetypal energies in The Mysterial Sequence. You will have a more direct experience of the full map of this developmental pathway and begin to prepare the container for the deeper transformation to take place.

The Essentials Course is like pearl diving - we touch into each archetype briefly so that the whole sequence can light up. Here you'll discover if you'd like to explore more under the waterline in the Depth Course.

If you're really enjoying the swim of things, you may choose to join us for The Mysterial Leadership Depth Course, where we dive deep into the depths of shadow work, like scuba diving!


This work is not an oversimplified self-improvement approach. It addresses the outdated identity codes that have shaped how women live, love and lead. This is not always easy to understand, and not an overnight fix. It's a large-scale upgrade of your entire inner operating system.

All three of these courses can be combined into a customized, 1-1 Mysterial Coaching experience over 9 months. For further information about 1-1 Mysterial Coaching, click here.

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