Mysterial Women, Marriage and #MeToo

Special Guest Sarah Hutchinson joins me to connect about The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course and becoming a Mysterial Woman…


  • The metaphor of the bird on a window, knowing it belongs flying out in the blue sky

  • Feeling isolated, frustrated, unsure where to turn

  • The limiting beliefs revealed through 15-years of researching hundreds of women, beginning with “I am not enough”.

  • Over-efforting and over-doing to mask limiting beliefs

  • The need for a container when doing the deep work of upgrading our inner operating system

  • Rapid evolution, accelerated movement, getting catalyzed

  • Sarah’s intimacy evolution: from protection by way of being a do-er, to opening to true love, intimacy and high adventure

  • Sarah’s experience of The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course

  • Feeling a resonance with the calling or stream of being called to the work

  • Thoughts on the #MeToo movement

  • The need for both healthy Feminine and healthy Masculine essences, and how they co-arise within polarity

  • Using our experiences of “being triggered” in powerful ways

  • Sarah’s experience of authentic empowerment

  • The Meta Capacities - when inner and outer are aligned in a profound way

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