Reignite Your Purpose


I hope you are enjoying these podcast interviews as much as I am.  In this podcast I speak with Sheila Sutherland of Reignite Your Purpose about upgrading how you live, love and lead.  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Women in business using the traditional masculine leadership style 'burning out' at alarming rates. 
  • The myth of Persephone / Demeter / Hades that is the foundation of my book
  • Do we have to be brought to our knees for change to happen? 
  • Surrender vs Resistance. 
  • How grief can be scary to allow ourselves to fully feel it. 
  • Resilience is an important life capacity that we cultivate through the tough times 
  • The different types of female archetypes discussed in my book.
  • We are being invited by evolution to develop a level of consciousness that we've never had before. 
  • What "Mysterial" means. 
  • How we need 'healthy' masculine and feminine capacities working together in leadership. 
  • The key to Self-awareness of our 'shadow'.

Click below to listen:

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