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I Want To Free What Waits Within Me

Poetry is one of my favorite languages, connecting the heart and the mind in ways that stir the soul. I use poems to inspire women to awaken their innate potentiality – a potentiality that I call Mysterial. Mysterial Women are able to weave together all of their Feminine and Masculine strengths as elegantly and powerfully as poetry does.

In this poetry vlog, I’m exploring a question beautifully captured by the poet Rainier Marie Rilke: What does it really mean to have the channel within ourselves open, and wide enough that we can free what waits within us?

I believe that what waits within us as women is a new voice of wisdom, a new kind of loving, and a new kind of embodied power. And when we set this free, we will take our places as leaders who are able to shape a positive world for all beings.

And yet, after 5,000 years of a hyper-masculine paradigm running the show we have a series of deeply-ingrained beliefs coded into our bodies, hearts and minds. These sabotaging beliefs have us cut off from our innate intelligence.

Working now with hundreds of women for over two decades I have seen 5 core limiting beliefs predictably arise that block the channel. In this vlog I share them with you, along with a simple inquiry and practice to set free what waits within you.

Give yourself a 10 minute break and let the words of Rilke awaken the longing of your heart to break free and let who you are and what you do flow from you like a river. And please, share your experiences with us here in the comments.

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