Do you sense the energy of women rising on the planet?

Perhaps you have read The Way of the Mysterial Woman, participated in the Essentials Course or taken a deep dive into the Depth Program. Wherever you are, all Mysterials are welcome and all are needed in the Murmuration. This process of awakening is not a moment, it’s a movement. Because we cannot awaken alone, we need an awakening field.

Would you like to join the murmuration of Mysterial Women in uplifting the field?

Participate in the Mysterial Murmuration by joining an intentional, sacred container designed for Mysterial Women to regularly experience, energize and expand the awakening collective field. Just as the birth of anything new on our planet requires a nurturing womb or incubator, we waking women also need a safe space for holding this Mysterial change process so as to encourage and support the unfolding of this emergence.

Explore our initial virtual gathering on
three Sunday mornings
beginning in early 2018:

January 14  -  February 11  -  March 11

Each Mysterial Women's Circle includes:

  • A 75-minute facilitated session
  • Unique and inspiring images, inquiries and other art forms
  • Invoking the five archetypes
  • Time to connect with other Mysterial Women in small breakout sessions

  • Attuning to the field regularly with each other is a powerful, necessary practice for calling forth this radically new way of being. We are all needed and we need each other!

Act Now to Join the Circle


Initial Exploration (3 Sessions) for $69
Ongoing Membership $99 / 3 months (do you envision this being auto-billed every 3 months?)


Are you ready to upgrade how you live, love and lead?


Questions? Contact us here.



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