Mysterial Leadership Coaching

Our nine month one-on-one coaching program is individually tailored. Participants are expertly held throughout the program within the Mysterial methodology. Our comprehensive Mysterial assessment process allows your individual experience to be skillfully customized for the ultimate support of your unique development.

Expert Guidance


Suzanne guides a limited number of 1-1 clients each year. Her expert holding and facilitation creates a strong container for transformation.

Committed to making this work available to more women, Suzanne has trained select women to facilitate 1-1 Mysterial Leadership Coaching. Each of these women had already earned a certification from the International Coaching Federation or from their respective state as a licensed therapist.

In addition to years of professional experience, they have each been participants in all of the Mysterial Leadership programs, have been faculty support in group programs, and have done group Coaching in Mysterial Leadership programs.

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Level 1 - Depth Program: Empowered Radiant Presence

Brooke Shaden Photography

Brooke Shaden Photography

Our nine month coaching program awakens women’s untapped leadership potential by weaving together the following unique elements:

Transformative/developmental.  Our coaching program not only offers leading-edge theories and new behavioral tools, it also enables a fundamental transformation of outdated patterns in the way a woman lives, loves and leads. It helps women to awaken to their full value and express that value freely and authentically.

Integral. Drawing upon the extensive work of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan, Otto Scharmer, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and other leading theorists, our comprehensive approach integrates a diversity of systems, academic disciplines, and forms of knowledge—from the wisdom of ancient shamans and sages to today’s breakthroughs in cognitive science—into a handful of essential elements that are key to facilitating human development.

Accelerated.  Although radical transformation doesn’t happen in a single weekend, or even a few weeks, it doesn’t need to take years. Our Mysterial Sequence™ provides the most efficient, critical path through the essential work needed to develop a woman leader. Individualized coaching, a rigorously researched program curriculum, and the catalytic nature of a learning community combine together into an alchemical force. We developed our 9 month curriculum to accelerate true transformation without sacrificing artistry, enjoyment, academic excellence, or deep connection. 

Theory- and Research-Based. We combine stimulating theories from innovative thought leaders with our extensive experience and research in women’s growth and leadership development. We systematically review how women in our programs are transforming and update our curriculum accordingly. This rigorous, experiential curriculum qualified our curriculum for over a decade as a university-certificate program.


Embodied.  It is vital that women today build a dynamic relationship with the full spectrum of their being, so that they are able to embody and express their unique essence. We teach women to access ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence—thinking (head), feeling (heart), and sensing (body)—so that they can bring a holistic understanding to complex issues.

Individually Tailored. Participants work intimately throughout each program with a certified coach trained in our Mysterial methodology. Using a comprehensive Mysterial assessment process, the coach will skillfully customize the program to support the student’s unique development.

Beautiful and Imaginative. We actively engage women’s sensing and feeling natures by designing our curriculum and processes to be beautiful, and inspiring. Using stimulating right-brain processes and practices, we invite imagination through powerful ritual processes designed to awaken women to their deepest feminine being.


Two 90 minute Assessment Sessions: Your coach will do two Mysterial Assessments that will enable us to get clarity around your Intention for our work together. It also provides your coach with an understanding of those structures (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) that are aligned and those which are not aligned with your image of the future. It allows your coach to pinpoint exactly where to put her attention in the coaching journey.

Art by Brad Kunkle

Art by Brad Kunkle

One 2 hour Mysterial Coaching Program Overview Session: Based on the assessments your coach will offer you a specific Mysterial Coaching Program.  This will clearly articulate your limiting Habitual Way of Being, a liberating Mysterial Way of Being and the Developmental Objectives that will allow you to move from one to the other. 

Ongoing Monthly Coaching: For the remainder of the 9 month program will have 3 hours of face-to-face coaching sessions per month (in person or by Skype depending on our travel schedules) which will normally be done in 90 minute sessions every other week. In the first weeks there is a specific timing to your meetings that involves weekly sessions. In between sessions your coach is available by email and for brief phone conversations as needed. 

You will have between session ‘fieldwork’ readings and practices to engage in – some of which will be added into your daily schedule and others which will be explorations in the ‘field’ of your life. 

Mysterial Coaching Outcomes:

girl-2853987_1920 (1).jpg
  • Recognize your own life journey within the arc of an historic unfolding of the human story, enabling you to see how your own becoming will help shape these rapidly evolving times for future generations.

  • Cultivate the deep ground of your Feminine Being as a powerful vessel that can hold the fire and intensity you must channel to sustainably bring your gifts into the world.

  • Excavate unconscious sabotaging beliefs that have held you hostage for a lifetime, replacing them with conscious beliefs that liberate your full potential for living, loving, and leading.

  • Learn the keys to a dynamic mutuality that enables ease and skillfulness in your relationships. This increases your capacity for deep intimacy, co-creativity, clear communication, and empowered conflict management.

  • Discover the Mysterial way of attuning to wider fields of collective intelligence to facilitate effective action, innovation, and positive influence.

  • Discover the power of stewarding a four-phase creative process, allowing you know when to act decisively and when to let factors ripen for the best possible outcome for all.

  • Learn the Embodied Change Process™, enabling you in stressful situations to draw upon the three centers of your intelligence and transform reactivity into self-authored, creative action.

  • Establish a set of capacity-building leadership practices for body, heart, mind, and spirit that become the stable infrastructure encouraging your development for the rest of your life.

  • Widen your capacity to understand and shift perspectives, deepening your ability to hold your own ground while being open to others and magnifying your ability to build strategic alliances and inspire others.

  • Learn to be fully present and flow in turbulent and unpredictable environments harnessing the creative potential of ambiguity and chaos to generate breakthrough results.

  • Gain a profound sense of your own value and sufficiency, enabling you to be more confident, healthy, authentic, self-nurturing, and at peace.

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"I shifted from pushing for results to being invited in..."


Jacqueline van Paassen is a High Performance Leadership Coach and Consultant based in Barcelona, Spain. With extensive training and more than 20 years of experience running health and advisory businesses, she supports executives who want to radically expand their leadership capacity by using the interplay between action learning, physiology and applied neuroscience. She has worked with many international clients, most recently including: Nike, OnPR, GTF IT consulting, Novartis, Syngenta and B Braun Medical.

She completed the Mysterial Leadership Essentials and Depth Program in one-one coaching with Suzanne Anderson, and shares her experience here: 

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"Private Coaching with Suzanne has been profound - one of the biggest gifts I’ve ever given myself…”


As a dedicated self-improvement junkie, I have invested in adult learning classes, seminars and retreats for over 35 years.  I’ve signed up for everything from Byron Katie, Rick Hanson, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown to Wisdom 2.0 mindfulness and wellness workshops - and even committed to a year-long personal intensive in Taos, New Mexico. Working with Suzanne was the most effective and deep work that I have ever done.   

Two things drew me to Suzanne:

  1. I witnessed the dramatic change in a dear friend and her “operating system” as she went through the 9 month coaching process - she became more radiant and confident, more relaxed and purposeful (and I thought “Wow - I want some of that!”).  

  2. I felt burned out and needed to find peace around what was no longer working for me in my life.   

I was always doing for others and had a strong message growing up that taking care of others' needs was far more important than taking care of mine. I felt my life was engulfed with “shoulds” and endless lists of “to dos” and it was bringing me less and less joy. My soul was withering and I was weary.

Suzanne held me in the most beautiful, tender container of structure, empathy, creativity, ritual and feedback.   

She was able to show me that my current belief system was rooted in my early childhood and that it needed to be examined and updated. We spent time exploring old patterns, peeling back the layers of old belief structures - and I started to understand where all these behaviors were coming from. Then, she helped me create a new way of being in the world through a variety of creative processes that gave me more access to my inner knowing, to what I truly long for in my life,   and to the belief that I deserve it - all of it.

For the first time in my life, I feel more at ease in knowing what my strengths are and what is mine to do in the world. I’m able to say “no” from a position of strength - honoring myself and what my body needs. I have more capacity to listen and give from a more authentic place in my heart. I’m spending more time “being” than doing and the quality of my relationships with my adult kids and my partner are blossoming.

It’s crazy to think that the more we listen to ourselves the more we can choose to be available to others. I’ve learned to take much better care of myself - losing 14 pounds and creating a morning mindfulness practice that helps my day flow with more grace and joy. Suzanne also helped me better understand my gifts and the way I learn. She gave me the support, resources and tools, empathy and encouragement that I needed to change my old ways of thinking and be my best self out in the world.”

-Cindi, Director of Client Relations and Executive Coach

"I now have access to deeper aspects of myself, sending me on a journey to bring richness to my life both personally and professionally.…"


“Through my work with Suzanne, I discovered that I had been neglecting parts of my life and self that I wasn't even aware needed tending. Through deep personal exploration, embodiment practices, interactions with the other women in my group, and the substantive content of the program, I began to address these parts.

As a result, I now have access to deeper aspects of myself, sending me on a journey to bring richness to my life both personally and professionally. I now live in a home and environment that feels like a daily retreat. My relationships with family and friends are deeper and more authentic, and I found a loving relationship that continues to grow.

And, finally, I am now a leadership and life coach which I never would’ve imagined was part of my future prior to Suzanne’s program. I am so grateful for the life I have now and look forward to what lies ahead.”

Arlene Fairfield - Leadership and Development Coach

“I understand what is necessary for my well being in a way that I never could have before…”

"While my journey is life long, I can say for certain that the way I “show up” has profoundly shifted since I began my Mysterial development.

I’m able to let many things go and am in greater acceptance with the flow of life, particularly in my interactions with others. Most importantly I understand what is necessary for my well being in a way that I never could have before.

I understand that to be a full human being one has to tend the mind, heart and body. I see now that the over “doing” lifestyle is a path to burnout and frustration. And I now have the tools to address any aspect of my life that I have the courage to examine."

Amy S., Not for Profit Board Member and Leader


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Suzanne takes limited number of clients each year, and has also trained select certified coaches to facilitate 1-1 Mysterial Leadership Coaching.

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