Empowered Radiant Presence Initiation


We are inviting just 12 women to join us in a unique opportunity for an intimate journey to unravel from the millennia-old, outdated and limiting patterns - in order to unleash our greatest potential.

Many years ago I was given a vision of 144,000 women moving as One healing force on the planet. Today I see this as a Mysterial Murmuration - conscious, committed and courageous women with extraordinary leadership capacity as agents of change positively shaping a world that works for all beings. 

Members of this field of this global online Depth Program will not only be engaged in their own transformative journey, but will also be participating in a worldwide Mysterial Murmuration.

There may also be some of you who are already certified coaches and could imagine becoming a certified Mysterial Coach in the future. If this is a path that feels resonant for you then you would be required to dive into the program itself as a participant. And you would then be among the women ready to enter into the Mysterial Coach Certification Program.

The Calling

In a world so out of balance, women are feeling the evolutionary pressure to grow; to come forward as leaders to create the change that is so needed. We’ve spent the last half-century breaking into the Masculine systems and structures, and now we’re at a major turning point; a rite of passage that is calling us to awaken and weave together our Deep Feminine wisdom, love and power with our Masculine strengths to create a better world for all. This requires an entirely new source code; a fundamental set of inner instructions for growth.

As our Mysterial qualities come online we naturally become leaders in our world. We rest into a deep sense of sufficiency from which our empowered actions are ignited. We know that we belong here on planet earth, have a unique contribution to make, and feel the freedom to express our full creative genius. And we are ready to show up in our wholeness and speak our truth as we partner with the Mystery to unfold the future. This is simply who we are —  in the office, with our children, as we create art, with our intimate partners, or as we simply interact with people in the grocery store. 

And this is exactly what is most needed in this time on our planet — the courage and commitment, resilience and grace to lead in an entirely new, embodied, integral, Mysterial way — a way that includes all of who you are.

Get immediate access to the Mysterial Discovery Process

As we open the doors for just 12 women in the life-changing Depth Program, we invite you to enter into this Process to feel if there is resonance. You’ll also receive the Depth Information Video.


"This experience was transformative and gave me the opportunity to awaken a hidden part of myself. I can now embrace my life more peacefully, with fluidity and aliveness. Suzanne and her mindful cohort of coaches has supported my emergence with love, wisdom and a deep presence. I have shared my vulnerability with other genuine women around the world and always felt respected, safe and heard. The Way of the Mysterial Women is for me a powerful path to self-exploration in a sustainable and embodied manner. Today I feel more congruent with my essence, I am more and more able to speak my truth and welcome discomfort with curiosity."
— Maude

What Graduates Are Saying...

About The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program

Our global online seven month Depth Program is intended to prepare women to expand their leadership influence and impact. It is a comprehensive, in-depth, and rigorously researched group coaching program.

Recognizing that many leadership programs are based on masculine models, we created Women’s Mysterial Leadership programs to address the unique ways that women develop as leaders. By focusing on how women learn and grow and what’s really necessary to lead effectively in today’s turbulent environments, we designed programs that unlock a woman’s capacity to nourish her body, heart, mind, and soul—while generating tangible, meaningful results.

The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program prepares women to expand their leadership influence and impact in a rapidly evolving, massively globalizing environment by skillfully accessing all of their innate potential as women, benefiting themselves, others, their organizations and beyond.

It is designed to be a comprehensive, in-depth, groundbreaking, and future-sensing leadership development program based on how women actually grow. And therefore we begin with the most ancient patterns in our collective and personal unfolding - what I refer to as The Mother - Hero polarity.

The Mysterial Leadership Depth program is designed to work very deeply and specifically with unhooking from the unconscious limiting beliefs (personal and collective) that no longer serve you, or the world, and are a driving force of this first Yin-Yang polarity.

Combining academically sound, rigorous, research-based curriculum with the ageless wisdom traditions, arts, and the deep practice of an urban mystery school this program is:


Transformative/developmental. We use a groundbreaking pathway based on how women actually develop, that sequentially unlocks all of our Feminine and Masculine strengths. Our program not only offers leading-edge theories and new behavioral tools, it also enables a fundamental transformation of outdated patterns in the way a woman lives, loves and leads. It helps women to awaken to their full value and express that value freely and authentically.

Integral. Drawing upon the extensive work of Ken Wilber, Robert Kegan, Otto Scharmer, Susanne Cook-Greuter, and other leading theorists, our comprehensive approach integrates a diversity of systems, academic disciplines, and forms of knowledge—from the wisdom of ancient shamans and sages to today’s breakthroughs in neuroscience —into a handful of essential elements that are key to facilitating human development.

Accelerated. Although radical transformation doesn’t happen in a single weekend, or even a few weeks, it doesn’t need to take years. The Mysterial Sequence™ provides the most efficient, critical path through the essential work needed to open up unprecedented levels of leadership. Group coaching, a rigorously researched program curriculum, and the catalytic nature of a learning community combine together into an alchemical force. Our curriculum accelerates true transformation without sacrificing artistry, enjoyment, academic excellence, or deep connection.

Theory and Research Based. Combining stimulating theories from innovative thought leaders with our extensive experience and research in women’s growth and leadership development our rigorous, experiential curriculum qualified for over a decade as a university-certificate program.

Embodied. It is vital that women today build a dynamic relationship with the full spectrum of their being, so that they are able to embody and express their unique essence. We teach women to access ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence—thinking (head), feeling (heart), and sensing (body)—so that they can bring a holistic understanding to complex issues.

Beautiful and Imaginative. We actively engage women’s sensing and feeling natures by designing our curriculum and processes to be beautiful, and inspiring. Using stimulating right-brain processes and practices, we invite imagination through powerful ritual processes designed to awaken women to their deepest feminine being.

This course is for you if you sense that you have a real contribution to make to this world and are ready to do the inner work required to liberate your passion and genius. You are ready to courageously show up as a leader in your own life, expressing and standing for your values, while maintaining a deeply grounded connection to your own center. You sense that being held in a supportive circle of women will give you the nourishment and encouragement you need to ignite your developmental journey. And you are ready for a path that is truly integral and awakens all of your Feminine and Masculine strengths.

More Praise from Previous Depth Program Participants

I have experienced tremendous growth through this work with Suzanne – a deeper connection to myself including deeper self-compassion and self-nourishment; a deeper capacity to stay open to others WHILE staying connected to myself; a deeper capacity to act in clearer alignment with what is authentically mine to do. How I lead/live has changed. I can FEEL my own deeper ground and how that impacts the spaces that I hold in my work and life more broadly – there is more clarity, flow, connection and effectiveness. I am holding more complex and challenging projects, teams, and life circumstances with more and more ease.

– Jennifer Becker, VP, Seattle Children's Hospital


Suzanne and her Mysterial way .... introduced me to self-compassion in ways I've never known. I have learned to understand my habitual patterns and created new neural pathways for loving and supporting myself. Her unique blend of knowledge, wisdom and intuition is what makes the experience with Suzanne so special. I was able to show up in any condition and be held with all love and zero judgment as she gently guided me to a new way of being. Because of Suzanne's teachings I have come home to myself and this translates into more love for my family and friends. I understand why I made old decisions and now lead with new, loving choices that resonate from my heart. I am forever changed from Suzanne's counsel and eternally grateful to have the tools to live a more conscious life.

– Dr. Claire Angel, Clinician/Teaching Associate University of Washington

"Having been involved in the Mysterial work ever since it's earlist phase, beginning as a participant in the Women's Integral Leadership Program in 2005, I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of this life-changing work. When this is married to an awakening of mind, body and heart, and life is sourced from the authentic self, it is like becoming Dorothy stepping from the black and white of Kansas into the living color of Oz—only Oz is real, and everything becomes possible."
— Nota Lucas, Personal Development Coach

What Is Possible For You in This Course


When the healthy Mother and the healthy Hero archetypes are both fully activated, an important transformation—a higher order synthesis of The Mother’s quality of Radiant Presence and the Hero’s quality of Empowered Action—naturally occurs within you. The meta-quality of Empowered Radiant Presence arises in your way of being and doing. This is the true fruit of inner initiation.


Able now to source your doing from the healthy ground of your being, your very presence uplifts those around you and encourages their best performance. You embody both the kindness of The Mother and the courage of The Hero. You inspire trust, respect, and cooperation simply by being who you really are. Others are attracted to the natural inner glow of a woman who acts purposefully in the world while deeply grounded in her own sufficiency.

How does this happen? The Mother and The Hero are not simply distinct transformative archetypes. They have a dynamic between them that forms a natural system. The Vessel Yin Mother and The Flame Yang Hero are, in their essence, polar opposites. When they come together a third synthesizing initiation takes place that leads to Empowered Radiant Presence.

"I've done a lot of introspective work, and the Mysterial Leadership Depth program has been the most effective at allowing me to get to know and appreciate my natural way of being, seeing behaviors and beliefs that don't serve me, and inspiring rapid transformation."
— Elizabeth Friesen

Through our deep dive together you will:

  • Cultivate the solid ground of your Feminine Being as a powerful vessel that can hold the fire and intensity to sustainably bring your gifts into the world.

  • Excavate unconscious sabotaging beliefs that have held you hostage for a lifetime, and replace them with conscious beliefs that liberate your full potential.

  • Cultivate the capacities that enable ease, intimacy, and skillful creativity in your relationships.

  • Learn to differentiate when to act decisively and when to let factors ripen for the best possible outcome for all.

  • Become skilled in transforming reactivity into self-authored, creative action.

  • Establish a set of capacity-building leadership practices as the stable infrastructure encouraging your development for the rest of your life.

  • Deepen your capacity to build strategic alliances and inspire others.

  • Learn to harness the creative potential of ambiguity and generate breakthrough results.

  • Gain a profound sense of your own value and sufficiency, enabling you to be more confident, authentic and glowing with Empowered Radiant Presence.

"I became very aware of my desire to create a more connected life. I can feel a clear embodied presence during the kata and my statements, and these soul-shaping exercises continue to open my Mysterial Self...my concrete, subtle, causal self walking into the world."
—Leslie Johnson


What’s included in the Depth Program:


The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program has been designed using a comprehensive approach to women’s development that we have spent the past 2 decades decoding. Engaging body, heart, mind, and soul our journey together will use evocative visual images, ritual, cutting edge research, powerful leadership practices, and our proven technology of transformation to activate your innate Mysterial Potential.

Consider this less as a program you are leaving your life to attend and more as a powerful transformative container into which you will fully bring all domains of your experience.

The entire Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course material
This initial Course awakens the 5 gates, or archetypal energies in The Mysterial Sequence. You will have a more direct experience of the full map of this developmental pathway and begin to prepare the container for the deeper transformation to take place. The Essentials Course is like pearl diving - we touch into each archetype briefly so that the whole sequence can light up. The videos, audios and Fieldwork documents are available for you to work with before the Depth Program beings.

(Value = $595)

Mysterial Curriculum
Our intensive program curriculum, distilled through 15 years of research, engages the catalytic processes for profound and accelerated growth. This work is set apart by a comprehensive, groundbreaking and proven pathway to women’s leadership development that we call The Mysterial Sequence.

(Value = $6,000)

Nine 2-Hour Live Video Whole Circle Sessions with Suzanne
These sessions will involve meditation, teaching, collective psycho-catalytic ritual and small group exploration together. The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, but it is highly recommended that you plan to schedule yourself to be present for these sessions as they will be important opportunities to accelerate your development in the collective field.

Taylor Allen.jpg

(Value = $6,500)

Six 90-Minute Cluster Coaching Sessions with Mysterial Coaches
Using the container of small Clusters of 7 women, Suzanne will focus these sessions on diving deeply into the psychodynamic work that allows for the deep shadow work to occur. The catalytic collective engine of the group will powerfully facilitate your personal growth and support your transformative personal practice. Cluster groups will be organized to align with timezone differences. These sessions will be scheduled once the groups are formed and will be approximately two weeks after the Whole Circle Sessions.

(Value = $3,000)

Three Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions with a Mysterial Coach
You will have a trained Mysterial Coach as your guide throughout the deep dive of our program to encourage and support your Mysterial emergence. Your coach will help to hold you accountable for the changes you want to make and in 3 focused coaching sessions will assist you to dive under the surface of your conscious awareness and explore the deeper unconscious sabotaging patterns that are blocking the flow of your authentic genius.

(Value = $2,500)

Learning Triads
Meeting every other week at a minimum, the intimacy and accountability of these smaller learning partnerships will support you to dig deeper into the Fieldwork explorations of the program.

(Value = $2,000)

Alchemical Community – Catalyzing and Supporting Your Learning
Our cohort will have up to 12 women, together we will become a dynamic transformative community. You will have the opportunity to connect with allies in a collaborative, co-creative learning environment that accelerates growth and builds a web of friendships with other emerging Mysterials around the world. We will tend our collective ‘we space’ engine carefully as it is a powerful, catalytic element in the program.

(Value = $2,000)

girl-2853987_1920 (1).jpg

Private Online Community Space
Our private Mighty Networks group will be an important element of your learning journey in between the live sessions. Through your own posting and that of the other participants you will be supported, encouraged and challenged to grow in ways that would not occur on your own. We’ve specifically stepped away from using a private Facebook group, and are proud to be working with Mighty Networks, a woman-owned company that is changing the face of online communities.

(Value = $1,250)

Mysterial Leadership Practices
You will establish a set of powerful practices for body, mind, heart, and soul that will provide an essential and sustainable vessel for your transformative journey. They will become the template for the cultivation of a life-long personal container for wellbeing.

(Value = $3,000)

Mysterial Coaching Assessments
Prior to and throughout the program, you will be introduced to various instruments that will help you to understand more about your habitual ways of being that were created to give you love, safety and belonging when you were younger and that may no longer be serving you. (Enneagram, Integral Map, Mysterial Archetypal assessments, Self-Compassion, etc.)

(Value = $1,000)

Total Value = $27,845

Your Investment

So, here’s the good news.

If you apply and are accepted, you can join the Mysterial Leadership Depth Program for a single payment of $9,497. Even better news… you have a choice of payment plans.

Additionally, we’re bringing in the principles of our Mysterial murmuration - where thousands of birds flying together in harmony happens because every bird only attends to 5-8 birds. These smaller flocks become the resonant fields for the larger community movement. Thus, there is a special discount of $200 for the first 3 women who enroll by October 5th. You will become a powerful part of the attractor field that organically calls in the remaining 9 women who will join you on your transformational journey.

We’re only accepting 12 women into this transformational program... and since this program is only offered once each year, we already have a waitlist.

Applications to The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis.


"I have had a profound shift in my life because of this course, and am interacting in the world from a completely different perspective. Learning to slow down enough to be in my body and watch where my thoughts and energy go have completely transformed the way I relate to myself and others, and the people closest to me are noticing! This has been a life-changing experience."
- Lisa Bourgon

Tentative Schedule for the 2019 Program

Regular sessions will be every-other week on Wednesdays from 10am - 12pm Pacific Time. All sessions will be held on the Zoom platform.
* Exact time of opening and closing sessions TBD.

  • Session #1: Sat. Nov. 23rd - Opening Virtual Retreat*

  • Session #2: Wed. Dec. 4th - First regular Session, Threshold Crossing

  • Session #3: Wed. Dec. 18th - Mother Shadows

  • Session #4: Thurs. Jan. 2nd - Mother Limiting Belief

  • Session #5: Wed. Jan. 15th - Mother Activation

  • Session #6: Wed. Jan. 29th - Mothering Inner Child

  • Session #7: Wed. Feb. 12th - Hero Shadows

  • Session #8: Wed. Feb. 26th - Hero Limiting Belief

  • Session #9: Wed. Mar. 11th - Hero Activation

  • Session #10: Tues. Mar. 24th - Hero Leadership Practices

  • Session #11: Wed. Apr. 8th - Mysterial Way of Being

  • Session #12: Wed. Apr. 22nd - Mysterial Metaphor

  • Session #13: Wed. May 6th - Relationships

  • Session #14: Wed. May 20th - Finances

  • Session #15: Wed. June 3rd - Health

  • Session #16: Sat. June 20th - Integration Container*


Learn more and get immediate access to the free Mysterial Discovery Process here.

The Mysterial Faculty Team Guiding Your Journey

Mysterial Coaches
Certified Mysterial Coaches create an added layer of support through the transformative curriculum of the Depth Program. These women are professional coaches, have been studying with Suzanne for several years, and have completed both the Mysterial Depth and Emergence Programs. You will also be able to purchase individualized one-to-one coaching sessions with our Mysterial Coaches at a reduced rate, in order to deepen this intensive holding during the program. 


Meghann McNiff brings 20 years of experience leading teams and facilitating groups, in diverse settings and with a wide range of populations — from fighter pilots in the U.S Air Force to inmates in the Framingham Women's prison, engineers in the National Security Agency to community health workers in rural Malawi and midwives in Afghanistan. She is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and started her career as an organizational development specialist in the U.S. Air Force. She later spent a decade in Afghanistan and Anglophone Africa as a management consultant in global health.

Integrating her professional experience in leadership and management with her personal practices of yoga and meditation , Meghann offers a professional, embodied, and practical approach to human growth and development. As her client, you will experience that Meghann gets it. She will listen you into clarity and offer reflections that leave you feeling deeply seen and heard— both for where you are now, and where you want to go.

Meghann is passionate about developmental coaching, because development enables us to show up in the world in bigger and more helpful ways. Development means we can handle more complexity with greater ease, and this expanded perspective helps us to get better at what we do and be better for who, and what, we love. This higher order functioning is a better match for our increasingly complex world—which enables you to live with more joy and ease, and offers the world a leader capable of greater and more unique contributions.

In addition to her professional passions, she has a great love of poetry, her adult soccer league, raucous laughter, and exploring the backcountry with her family. She currently lives with her husband and their two young kids in Seattle, WA.

  • Master of Public Health, International Maternal and Child Health, Boston University

  • Master of Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking, UMass Boston

  • Graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Depth (Level 1) Program through one-one coaching

  • Graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Emergence (Level 2) Program

  • Certified Professional Integral Coach, Integral Coach Canada

  • Certified Mysterial Leadership Coach

  • Faculty for the Mysterial Leadership Depth and Emergence (Level 1 & Level 2) Programs

  • Co-founder of the Seattle Coaching Collective

jamie-pic copy.jpg

Jamie Selby brings over 30 years’ professional experience in the non-profit, governmental, commercial and manufacturing sectors, with the last 8 years invested in high-tech healthcare and semiconductor industries. Her expertise encompasses business change management; personal and organizational transformation; and team performance/leadership development workshops, which she facilitates globally. In Spring of 2019, she exited corporate life and launched her consulting, training, and coaching practice, which is focused on activating the heart in business.

Ten + years’ training in Aikido and operating a martial arts school inform her work from a somatic perspective as well as entrepreneurially. Integrating all of this with her personal practices of HeartMath, meditation, journaling and the beauty way, Jamie brings her deep and compassionate heart to her coaching and facilitation. She will meet you where you are, guiding you in your Mysterial journey while elegantly holding the space into which your own transformation can take place.

On the personal side, Jamie is passionate about animal welfare, reading, gardening, bicycling and especially world travel, which she is fortunate to do frequently, both professionally and personally. She lives in The Netherlands with her husband Bijan.

Jamie has been involved with Suzanne’s work for 14+ years; first as student, and later program and business manager and faculty member. She loves working with women who are stepping into their greatness, bringing the fullness of their being to all they are doing, and is delighted to be a Certified Mysterial Coach in the 2019 Mysterial Leadership Depth program!

  • Master of Arts, Communications - University of Washington

  • Certified Mysterial Coach, Mysterial Woman

  • Graduate of Newfield Network Europe coaching certification program

  • Certified Trainer for Heartmath Resilience Advantage® program

  • Certified Trainer for Heartmath Activating the Heart of Teams® program

  • Faculty member of Kore Evolution’s Mysterial Leadership Depth program

  • Associate Faculty of Kore Evolution’s Boeing Women’s Integral Leadership Circle, and

    Women’s Integral Leadership Opening programs

  • Alumna Mentor of Kore Evolution’s Women’s Integral Leadership Circle 7

  • Graduate of Kore Evolution’s Level 1 and Level 2 Women’s Integral Leadership university

    certificate programs

  • Graduate of Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change university

    certificate program

  • Past-Chair of the Board - Women@ASML


Astrid van den Broek brings over 20 years coaching and training experience in commercial, not for profit and governmental sectors, with the focus on high performancing teams, transformational development and futureproof leadership. Mean area of expertise in knowledge intensive and/or highly regulated companies like IT, finance, insurances, food and pharma.

Her expertise encompasses talent development, high performance, transformational leadership, adult development, influence and impact, business coaching, and executive coaching. Astrid recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of her own training and coaching firm. Bridging perceived polarities like business and spirituality, thinking and feeling, high performance and effortlessness, influence and integrity, impact and authenticity is what she is about. In the Mysterial Coaching Program, the Mysterial Leadership Depth Course, and currently the Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program, she has found the whole in which these qualities are addressed, upgraded, and becoming more united.

With transformational deep change like she has never experienced before in all the years of being in coach trainings, she is awestruck at how solid, predictable, and well-guided the Mysterial programs and life-changing results are.

Living in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, referred to as “Venice of the North,” Astrid lives with her two world-wise and awesome kids Jasper and Birgit. She is a big fan of bowspring yoga and loves going out with friends for a good movie and food, and has re-discovered her artistic passion and qualities in visual journaling, soulcollaging, and making art out of furniture.

Astrid’s credentials and experience include:

  • Dance Therapy – HBO Sittard

  • Foodscience, Wageningen University

  • Train the Trainer, Communication, Karin de Galan Trainings Institute

  • Graduate of Newfield Ontological Mastercoaching Certification Program

  • Certified Presentation Master at Presentation Masters

  • Co-active coaching, Practitioner, Coaches Training Institute

  • Co-active coaching, intermediate, Coaches Training Institute

  • Provocative Coaching, IEP

  • Breakthrough to success, Open Circles

  • Life Skills University, Open Circles

  • Me.Talent Assessor, True Talent Team

  • IEMT Andrew Austin

  • Metaphors of Movement, Andrew Austin

  • Certified Mysterial Leadership Coach, Kore Evolution

  • Graduate of Mysterial Leadership Depth Course, Kore Evolution

  • Current attending Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program, Kore Evolution

Camille portraits-03.jpg

Camille de Picot is an executive coach, psychotherapist and facilitator with an earlier career in International Marketing based in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore. She has been facilitating trainings, conferences and one-to-one coaching on health & wellbeing, peak performance and leadership in organisations that include banking, finance, insurance, utilities, health, government, education, retail and recruitment.

She has been on a lifelong journey of better understanding herself and others while expanding her heart and mind. Over the years and more particularly through her Mysterial journey, she has connected more deeply to the complexity of what it means to be a woman in all her strength, passion, joy, sensuality, vulnerability and wisdom.

Camille has a profound desire to empower other women to live the life they choose, joyfully, passionately and sensually. She brings a compassionate heart as well as structures and processes to enable insight and understanding and facilitate integration of new ways of being.

She has a love for languages, beauty, art and travel. Originally from France, she has been living in Australia since 1998. She endeavours to walk her talk and practices a balanced lifestyle. She is as passionate about her own development as she is about developing those she works with.

Camille’s credentials and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Marketing Major, ESSEC Business School, Paris

  • Diploma in Transpersonal Studies, The Work Sanctuary, Singapore

  • Certificate in Nutrition, Health Schools Australia

  • Certified Integral Associate Coach, Integral Coaching Canada

  • Master in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney

  • Graduate of Mysterial Leadership Depth (Level 1) and Emergence (Level 2) programs

  • Faculty for the Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program

  • Integrative Enneagram Certified Practitioner

"The Mysterial Leadership Depth program was a major shift in building my capacity to live, love and lead. Having dusted through the cobwebs of my internal structure, I now feel clear and enabled to cope with the important decisions ahead of me, and with gusto! Suzanne Anderson is exemplary in her teachings and excellent facilitation. She is an absolute inspiration for anyone wanting to learn how to embody deep feminine wisdom."
- Chipo Chung

What you get

The Mysterial Leadership Depth Program includes:

  • 7 months of 2-Hour Live Video Whole Circle Sessions with Suzanne
  • The entire Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course material
  • Monthly 90-Minute Cluster Coaching Sessions with Mysterial Coaches
  • Alchemical Community – Catalyzing and Supporting Your Learning
  • Private Online Community
  • Learning Triads
  • Engaging Fieldwork
  • Mysterial Leadership Practices
  • Mysterial Coaching Assessments
  • Support from Mysterial Coaches and Alumnae Mentors

Enrollment is limited to 12 Women

Learn more and get immediate access to the free Mysterial Discovery Process here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to see the answer...

What is the difference between the Essentials course and the Depth course? . . .

Mysterial Leadership Essentials is an 8-week introductory course, currently offered annually. It helps women awaken the five archetypes / gateways, and companions them through the complexities of the book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead. It was previously the prerequisite for the 9-month Mysterial Leadership Depth Program (offered annually), but is often now a primer instead. In the Depth course we dive down deep to do the shadow work that is holding our innate Mysterial brilliance hostage and we cultivate the leadershp capacities of the future.

Is there a Mysterial Leadership Coaching Certification program? . . .

In order to become a Mysterial Coach, women start by attending each of the Mysterial Leadership programs. Mysterial Coaches are required to have obtained a certification from the International Coaching Federation or from their respective state as a licensed therapist.

I'm not great with online and distance learning. Will I still benefit? . . .

Yes! We totally understand the challenges of not being a ‘tech native’ Suzanne has been on the steep learning curve herself of online business and teaching, having initially taught in-person programs. Here are the ways that we make this easy:

  • The live video calls are on an easy-to-learn platform called Zoom.
  • All live calls are recorded, so even if you can’t be there, you’ll still receive the benefits by listening / watching later.
  • The interactivity of the private online community forum (we intentionally do not use Facebook, but instead a woman-owned platform called Mighty Networks) and the live calls help you connect with Suzanne, the faculty, and sister students. Most women make life-long connections that last well beyond the program, and report that they felt as if they were physically in the room with everyone during the zoom video calls.
  • The materials are always accessible on the Member webpages - you can stream them live (play the video or just the audio) or you can download them to have on a device (smartphone, ipad, ipod, etc.) so you can listen while on a walk, driving, etc.
  • There are written materials such as extra reading, as well as the ‘Fieldwork’ that summarizes ways to further embody the learning and habit changes.

The variety of learning channels means you’ll be able to digest the material in ways that work for you. You’ll be able to connect with like-minded women from all over the world, and you can learn/participate in a way that works easily with your schedule (not to mention there won’t be any jet lag from traveling to be with the group!).

What if I can’t attend the live calls? . . .

All of the live calls are recorded and posted to the Member space within 24 hours. You have the option to listen to the audio, or watch the video. Whenever possible, we encourage you to attend live so you can connect with other women during the breakout discussions, and with Suzanne for Q&A. And yet you will also have the private online community group for these connections.

Will I get to work with Suzanne one-on-one? . . .

Within the context of the live calls and in the private Facebook group you will be able to ask questions and share experiences for Suzanne to respond to directly. Many women report that they also learn a lot when witnessing others questions in the presence of the group. Private one-on-one coaching with Suzanne is available as a separate offer, which you can explore here. As the Mysterial murmuration grows, Suzanne’s time will be spent more in the Emergence Program and Mysterial Coaching Certification Program. We encourage you to take advantage of her presence in this Depth Program while you can!

What will the online community be like? . . .

We will engage in dialogue through the live calls and the online community via the Mighty Networks platform. Members will also have the opportunity to connect with each other individually based on shared interests, or shared geography. The community is of like-minded women who are ready for deep and lasting change in their lives. These women share an interest in women’s awakening, women's leadership empowerment and in making a difference in the world. Joining the Mysterial Murmuration can enhance your own network of friends, confidants, colleagues, collaborators, mentors and mentees. Women repeatedly report that this deeper sense of belonging and connection is invaluable.

Can I do this program if I am not a coach, therapist, or leadership development professional? . . .

Yes. Although some women in the Depth Program are already working with other women, some use the program to explore an intention to work more deeply with women's transformation in the future. This program draws women from all types of lifestyles and work, including but not limited to academia, health care practitioners, corporate, healthcare, healing, education, arts, stay-at-home moms, business, therapy, coaching and more.

Honestly, I am afraid of shaking things up . . .

You aren’t alone. Many women are afraid to even imagine a possible future outside of the life they are leading because it would mean acknowledging how their lives really aren’t working for them today. Fear of change and resistance to change are the psyche’s natural way of keeping things the same and they create a kind of immunity to change. So fear is not necessarily bad or a reason not to do the program. In fact it can be a sign that lets you know you are going in the right direction. Let your aspirations, your passion, your hopes be in charge of the decision to sign up - not your fear or the inner critic.

How do I know if this is for me? . . .

Use all of your ways of knowing to sense, feel and think about whether this is the right commitment for you at this time. Start with the hara (gut center of intelligence) then move to the heart and then bring in the head.

Hara (Body Intelligence) Check in with your body: how does the idea of signing up land in your body — good and exciting? Body is energized, expansive or excited? These are all good signs.

Heart (Emotional Intelligence) Check in with your emotions: when you consider the program what feelings are ignited? Joy, excitement, hope, possibility, fear of change. All good signs.

Head ( Cognitive Intelligence) Check in with your thoughts: listen to your own wisdom. Is the ‘you are not good enough’ inner critic the one giving you guidance and saying that you aren’t an emerging Mysterial, or you won’t be able to ‘do it right’ or 'keep up' or that the time has to be just right for you to do this? Using the right brain (our more creative, vs. linear thinking) what images of the future arise for you when you imagine doing the program? Does this program align well with your dreams of the future?

This all sounds interesting, but how will this course support me in my pragmatic life?

Women who join the Depth Program report that they feel more confident, happy and clear about their strengths. They find it easier to delegate, work more effectively with others, and identify what will help them experience more success and fulfillment. They always report both internal and external gains in multiple areas of life - personal, relational, financial, professional and more.

There is a saying that ‘wherever you go, there you are’. Women have lived for far too long with the split between who are we are at home and who we are in our professional lives. Women report that the Depth Program helped them experience what it means to bring more of themselves into their life - at the office, with family, and more. They recognize that caring for themselves and others is not just a feel-good-idea, but leads to more a creative and productive life. They recognize that they can’t do everything and learn that their "No’s" make space for their important "Yes’s". They are more empowered, confident and clear about their strengths and they experience more freedom to express themselves authentically. If more women showed up like this, we would have a very different world indeed!

My life and schedule is already so full, I should probably do the course in the future when I have more time. How can I fit this in and will it really help me? . . .

We often see the vessel of our lives as way too full and can’t imagine adding one more thing. This work is actually about increasing the size of your vessel so that you can be more present and available to receive all the elements of your complex life. The truth is that there is no perfect time to do this inner upgrade (just like with our computers). But it is what liberates the next level of our wisdom, love and power. So, we often just need to dive in.

The way of the Mysterial woman is literally a way of being and doing that is expressed in your everyday life as opposed to something outside of your direct experience that you have to go and get. Graduates of the Depth Program share that it was nourishing and enlivening in their work and personal lives to open up a channel for their innate Mysterial potentiality to emerge, which ultimatly created shifts that assisted them in every aspect of their life.

What is the refund policy? . . .

There are no refunds for payments already made (whether full-pay or partial / pay plans). Once you have made your first payment you are committed to the full investment of the program. You can find full payment terms and conditions here.

What is the estimated time commitment during the program, for the work to be effective? . . .

An average ballpark would be about 30-45 minutes/day on morning / evening practices (you likely already have some of these in place, e.g. meditation/journaling/quiet time). These help form a deeply-supportive container for the transformation.

Then every 2 weeks there is a new Fieldwork document, which has a mix of reading, rituals, online community posts/reading, journaling reflection, etc. It would be wise to plan 4-6 hours over the two weeks, to really engage with this material. Some women break that up into daily time (15-30 minutes/day), or spread it out over a few days throughout each week, or just chunk out a few hours each weekend, all depending on their schedule and preferences.

The program has a nice organizing effect, bringing all of the practices into the container of the program so it's within the field of your life, rather than something you need to add into an already-full life. It's not like a grad school commitment - but you will feel like you graduated to a higher level of consciousness and functionality in your own life and in the world.




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