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  • Guided practice to bring head, heart and hara online
  • 4:00 Context of Depth Program
  • 15:24 Do we address any other polarities in the Depth Program?
  • 18:30 What's the difference between the Essentials course and the Depth Program?
  • 26:14 Nota shares her experience of the work, and the immense benefits it's brought to her life
  • 32:32 Intention for the book, the Essentials Course vs the psycho-dynamic work of the Depth Program - strategies to get love, safety and belonging - getting conditioned patterns object / visible before change can happen.
  • 37:20 Will the online learning be effective in creating deep, lasting transformation?
  • 41:37 Life is so full, how will the Depth Program fit in?
  • 45:20 I feel like I'm hanging by a thread as it is right now, I'm not sure I want to shake things up any more than they already are?
  • 48:00 Tending to our own needs, even when life is busy
  • 49:30 Pricing, Discount, Early Bird deadline, Murmuration discount
  • 52:58 I have a big 'yes' to this work, but how will I find the funds to participate?
  • 56:25 A closing poem about opening up the Mother-Hero Polarity

To learn more about the structure of the Depth Program, watch/listen to the Information Session here.


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