The Calling

This is my specific invitation to YOU to join us in The Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program and complete The Mysterial Sequence to become the Mysterial Leader you were born to be. You have already done the hard work of cultivating the healthy inner Mother and Hero archetypes in the Level 1 program (the Mysterial Leadership Depth Program) and are now experiencing and expressing Empowered Radiant Presence.

Once the first and oldest Yin-Yang polarity is open your Mysterial Essence is well on its way. You learned that living in the WAY of the Mysterial Woman is what makes the difference as your new inner operating system installs the liberating code of – I am enough just as I am and empowered to do what is mine to do.

Image source: Tantric Marriage by  George Atherton

Image source: Tantric Marriage by George Atherton

From this opening, the second polarity between The Father and The Maiden archetypes naturally begins to beckon. A longing arises to cultivate the healthy Father and develop the capacity for building reliable systems that will provide a solid and enduring foundation for a life of substance and contribution. You want to cultivate the self-confidence to stand in your own True Authority and honor the gifts and beauty of others and the world around you, recognizing that you beong and are part of a diverse and interconnected ecosphere. 

And you also long to engage the archetype of The Maiden and gain access to the wild, exciting, and dynamic force of your Joyful Creativity. You want to grow your capacity for deep intuition and connect to the raw life energy that allows you to innovate and set off on bold new adventures. You long to challenge your old ways of thinking and liberate yourself and others from unnecessary constrictions. You are ready to go with the flow of life, and balance play with work as you stop taking yourself and life so seriously. And you want to liberate your sexual and heart energy, so that you can enter into the intimate dance of mutuality with others.  

Out beyond this second polarity The Crone archetype waits patiently. This third face of the Feminine has been preparing for millennia to finally come through in consciousness. You can already imagine what it would be like to hold seeming opposites without contradiction, and be able to let go of those things that no longer serve you.  

You want to be able to see the intelligent patterns in the chaos of life and use all of your ways of knowing to pierce through confusion and take action. You long to be a catalytic force able to synthesize complexity and bridge between extremely divergent people, worlds, and ideas so that something new and better can arise. You can sense the possibility of an Alchemical Authenticity that would make you an agent of change simply by being yourself.

When all of the archetypes of The Mysterial Sequence have been cultivated a deep and lasting inner Sacred Marriage takes place and The Mysterial Leader naturally emerges. It is a beautiful thing to witness! 

And just to dangle the Mysterial Carrot out there, here are some of the all quadrant Mysterial Leadership capacities that will become your signature presence:

Multi-Dimensional Knowing, Embracing Polarities; Authentic Presence, Energy Stewardship

Dynamic Mutuality, Tending the Field; Influencing System Resonance, Unfolding the Emergent


Image source: Open by  Steven Daluz

Image source: Open by Steven Daluz

This global Level 2 Emergence program is a unique opportunity in a catalytic Learning Community, offered over 9 months via an online and in-person format. While I will be running other programs, the women in the Emergence Program cohort will have my full presence and attention. I am deeply committed to guiding emerging Mysterials all the way through The Mysterial Sequence. Some of you who have already done WILA - the Level 2 program in its earlier iteration - might also want to join in on this journey and break through to new levels of wisdom, love and power. 

As you read each of these outcomes - pay attention to the response in your hara, heart and head to discern whether you get a ‘YES’ to the possibility of Emergence:

  • Accelerate your development up the spiral so that you are increasingly able to handle the complex challenges of your life.

  • Connect more fully with your own personal purpose and passion so that you can stand in your own true authority and joyfully follow your unique destiny line out into the world.

  • Live your life as a creative experiment that you enter boldly into every day, curious to see what you will invent, and where joy is not a fleeting experience, earned after a lot of hard work and lost as soon as you return to the grindstone.

  • Along with an increased ability to be with the difficult moments of life, you are ready to playfully engage in the fun of living. You recognize that this is your birthright and you work to live, not live to work.

  • Awaken your fun loving, spontaneous, curious, imaginative, intuitive, and adventurous self and unleash your creative expression.

  • Recognize that you do belong in a friendly universe and that you are not alone.

  • Establish the ability to create order and the structures necessary so that you can bring your gifts into the world sustainably.

  • Install a grounded sense of confidence in yourself so that you can weather the ups and downs of life and all its challenges, handling the pressures of a complex life with resilience and grace.

  • Learn how to truly see in the dark and be with difficult situations with an increased capacity to surrender to the change that is working its way through you.

  • Awaken more fully your spiritual connection as an important driver in your development.

The Emergence program can help you to experience…

  • True creative mutuality where you are grounded in your own experience while being open to intimacy and the richness of a high consciousness collective.

  • The joy and impact of freely expressing your unique genius.

  • A higher level of performance as you deeply integrate all of your deep Feminine and Masculine essences in an alchemical inner ‘sacred marriage’

  • The power and pleasure of deep Presencing so that you can masterfully ‘source’ a project and bring it to successful enactment in the world.

  • Getting on your path and developing the courage and commitment to follow it out into the world and make your creative contribution.

  • Taking your sovereign seat and know for certain that you are a vital part of the unfolding evolutionary moment.

  • Truly partnering with the unknown, creative Mystery, encouraging innovation and new opportunities to unfold through you.

"My feet feel different on the earth, my hands feel different on my work. There's a way that it feels in the world, concretely different in how I'm able to show up.”

Working with Resistance to Create a Generative Experience

In this excerpt of the Information Session for the 2019 Emergence Program, Meghann shares about:

  • The in-person retreat

  • Resistance to signing up for Level 2 - the feeling of having enough and not wanting to pay for another training

  • A sense of not being able to do it all

  • Creating a capacity to hold more in a new way

  • Distinctions between the Depth (Level 1) Program and Emergence (Level 2)

  • The Level 2 Intention Project

After Meghann’s share, Suzanne comments on resistance and more.

The Alchemical Container

The Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program has been designed using a comprehensive approach to women’s development that we have spent the past 2 decades decoding. In the Level 1 programs The Mother archetype is the guiding template for the container of the work. It is a deep and loving holding that invites women to surrender into the deep waters of the unconscious and unhook from the millennia old hypermasculine code that has kept their development stalled. In the Level 2 program we move to the second Yin-Yang polarity and the powerful energy of The Father as the guiding archetype for our container. Now we will activate the catalytic engine of a coherent collective field and use that to fuel our individual and community emergence. Like in a mumuration of birds, women will learn how to dive and swoop and fly together encouraging one another to become Mysterials!

Engaging body, heart, mind, and soul our journey together will use many different methodologies: visual journaling, ritual, powerful leadership practices, collective leadership project, and our proven technology of shadow transformation to activate your innate Mysterial Potential. Consider this less as a program you are leaving your life to attend and more as a powerful alchemical container into which you will fully bring all domains of your experience. 

Opening Virtual Retreat
We will initiate our Emergence journey together in a virtual Opening Retreat. This will be an opportunity for women to meet one another and for us to ignite our collective field. The session will involve Suzanne’s overview teaching, dyad and triad interactions, personal reflections and whole group conversations.

Whole Circle Sessions
These monthly sessions will involve meditation, teaching, collective psycho-catalytic ritual and small group exploration together. The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, but it is highly recommended that you plan to schedule yourself to be present for these sessions as they will be important opportunities to accelerate your development in the collective field.

Summer Dreaming - Catrin Welz Stein.jpg

source: Summer Dreaming by Catrin Welz Stein

Whole Circle Flock Sessions
Dive deeply into the psychodynamic process that allows for the deep shadow work to occur. You will work in a smaller cohort of women and build a co-creative field of support and learning. The catalytic collective engine of the group will powerfully facilitate your personal growth and support your transformative personal practice. The sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, but it is highly recommended that you plan to schedule yourself to be present for these sessions as they will be important opportunities to accelerate your development in the collective field.

4 night/5 day In-person Closing Retreat
November 13 - 17, 2019 at Harmony Hill Retreat Center on the Hood Canal in Washington State USA. (Travel, meals & accommodation are not included in the cost for Emergence.) Our 8 month long intensive journey will culminate in a powerful closing retreat together. Using ritual, movement, catalytic visual art explorations, and deep conversation together we will prepare for a potent archetypal ritual process of inner sacred marriage and the birth of our full Mysterial essence. 

An Individual Crone Coaching Session with Suzanne
Once we enter into the cycle of work with the Crone in the final months of our program Suzanne will be scheduling a 1-1 coaching session with each of you. The purpose of this session is to encourage the alchemy of integration as you prepare for the final retreat.

Alchemical Community – Catalyzing and Supporting Your Learning
Our cohort will have 8-12 students and together we will create a dynamic transformative community. Everyone will have completed some version of a Level 1 program so there will be a powerful level of commitment and transformative capacity in the group. You will have the opportunity to connect with allies in a collaborative, co-creative learning environment that accelerates growth and builds a web of friendships with other emerging Mysterials around the world. We will tend our collective ‘we space’ engine carefully as it is a powerful, catalytic element in the program. 

Private Online Learning Sanctuary
We are in the process of transitioning from the use of a closed Facebook group to a different online community forum that is inviting, beautiful, private and easy to communicate within different threads - more information to come!

Learning Triads/Dyads
Meeting bi-monthly at a minimum, the intimacy and accountability of these smaller learning partnerships will support you to dig deeper into the Fieldwork explorations of the program. Your learning partner allies will become your homebase container in the larger field of the cohort and a place where you can be encouraged, challenged and supported to become your full Mysterial self. 

The program curriculum is designed to work as much in between the class sessions as during them. It is within the field of your life that you will become an observer of your habitual patterns and engage in the practices that will liberate you from the conditioned responses that no longer serve you.

Mysterial Leadership Practices
In the Level 2 program there is an expectation that the basic morning flow practices are already well stabilized. You will now customize a set of powerful practices for body, mind, heart and soul that will provide an essential and sustainable vessel for your transformative journey. They will become the template for the cultivation of a life long personal container for wellbeing. 

Global Intention Project - GIP
The work of the Level 1 program takes you deeply into your personal process and opening to the vessel of your unique being and igniting your capacity to do what is yours to do. In the Emergence Program, along with the ongoing personal shadow work required to clear each of the 3 remaining archetypal energies, we also now turn our gaze outward toward the world. Our own liberation is intimately woven together with the liberation of girls and women around the world who are much less fortunate than ourselves. Using the power of Conscious Intention you will energize and accelerate the harmony and healing potential of an organization that stewards the awakening and development of girls and women. You will also have the opportunity to put your emering leadership capacities into practice in a collaborative project. You will use the same U model of the Mysterial Change Process to learn a powerful way to source a project together that truly integrates the Feminine and the Masculine.

Additional Guest Speakers
As the program unfolds Suzanne will invite various allies to share their expertise as it relates to the different archetypal energies. More information coming in the near future! 

Designed to Work with Life in this Moment

In this excerpt of the Information Session for the 2019 Emergence Program, Susanne shares about:

  • Questioning if she had enough energy to fully engage in the program, after burnout from her corporate job

  • Experiencing the support of the inner work and the field of the cohort

  • A very interesting opportunity that arose in her life

  • Making a very deep internal shift from a habitual way of doing (always doing and pushing)

  • Operate from a trust in her body


Mysterial Faculty

Meghann McNiff

Meghann brings 20 years of experience leading teams and facilitating groups, in diverse settings and with a wide range of populations — from fighter pilots in the U.S Air Force to inmates in the Framingham Women's prison, engineers in the National Security Agency to community health workers in rural Malawi and midwives in Afghanistan. She is a graduate of the Air Force Academy and started her career as an organizational development specialist in the U.S. Air Force. She later spent a decade in Afghanistan and Anglophone Africa as a management consultant in global health.

Integrating her professional experience in leadership and management with her personal practices of yoga and meditation , Meghann offers a professional, embodied, and practical approach to human growth and development. As her client, you will experience that Meghann gets it. She will listen you into clarity and offer reflections that leave you feeling deeply seen and heard— both for where you are now, and where you want to go.

Meghann is passionate about developmental coaching, because development enables us to show up in the world in bigger and more helpful ways. Development means we can handle more complexity with greater ease, and this expanded perspective helps us to get better at what we do and be better for who, and what, we love. This higher order functioning is a better match for our increasingly complex world—which enables you to live with more joy and ease, and offers the world a leader capable of greater and more unique contributions.

In addition to her professional passions, she has a great love of poetry, her adult soccer league, raucous laughter, and exploring the backcountry with her family. She currently lives with her husband and their two young kids in Seattle, WA.

  • Master of Public Health, International Maternal and Child Health, Boston University

  • Master of Arts, Critical and Creative Thinking, UMass Boston

  • Graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Depth (Level 1) Program through one-one coaching

  • Graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Emergence (Level 2) Program

  • Certified Professional Integral Coach, Integral Coach Canada

  • Certified Mysterial Leadership Coach, Kore Evolution

  • Faculty for the Mysterial Leadership Depth and Emergence (Level 1 & Level 2) Programs

  • Co-founder of the Seattle Coaching Collective

— Nota Lucas, Personal Development Coach

“There was a vastness to the shift that occurred in my life.

I was going through a dark night of the soul at the time - I felt confused and I was looking for some way of figuring things out and making some changes. Suzanne’s program includes a beautifully-held container, tools, and methodology that enabled insight, awareness, and deep change to occur.

I found what I now think of as my essential, deep self. I learned to feel myself, to befriend myself, and I began to learn what it means to live an authentic life. This program has enabled me to find my own calling, as well as the open-hearted desire to connect with others who care about what is happening in this evolutionary moment.

I will always be grateful for our paths crossing, because what I found was like going from the black and white of Kansas to the living color of Oz - only Oz is real and everything is possible.”

Tentative Schedule for the 2019 Program

The Early Birds who register by the New Moon on Sat. Jan. 5 midnight Pacific Time, will also receive two bonus pre-program sessions while waiting for the full program to start on March 9th:
Activating Grace and Resilience for 2019
Wednesday, January 16th 10-11:30am PST
Wednesday, February 13th 10-11:30am PST
These 90-minute sessions will each include breakout groups with sister Mysterials, and laser coaching from Suzanne.

Session 1: Program Launch Virtual Retreat: Saturday, March 9th from 9am - 12pm PT Pacific Time via Zoom.

Regular sessions will be every-other week on Wednesdays from 10am - 12pm Pacific Time, beginning March 20th.

Session #2: March 20 Whole Circle (WC) - Mother-Hero Polarity Review

Session #3: April 3 Intention Flock (IF)

Session #4: April 17 WC - The Father Invocation

Session #5: May 1 IF  - The Father Shadows

Session #6: May 15 WC - The Father Activation

Session #7: May 29 IF - The Healthy Father

Session #8: Jun 12 WC - The Maiden Invocation

Session #9: Jun 26 IF - The Maiden Shadows

Session #10: Jul 10 WC - The Maiden Activation

Session #11: Jul 24 IF - The Healthy Maiden

4-week Summer Break - live into the integration of Joyful True Authority (opening of the Father - Maiden polarity) from July 25 - August 23rd.

Session #12: Joyful True Authority Initiation Retreat: Saturday, August 24th 9am-12pm PT The Crone Invocation

Session #13: Sept 4 WC - The Crone Shadows

Session #14: Sept 18 IF - The Crone Activation Metaphor starts to come in here.

Session #15: Oct 2 WC - The Healthy Crone

Session #16: Oct 16 IF - Sacred Marriage Preparation

Session #17: Oct 30 WC - The Integration of Learning - Metaphor consolidate

Session #18: Closing In Person Retreat: Wednesday, Nov. 13th - Sunday, Nov. 17th at Harmony Hill Retreat Center outside of Seattle, WA.

It is time now…

to take the second cohort of courageous women all the way through the Mysterial Sequence. In these challenging times on our beautiful jewel of a planet we need Mysterials who have the resilience and grace to model new ways of being and doing that draw on Deep Feminine and Masculine wisdom, love and power.

Our Mysterial Murmuration requires some of us to step forward now and lead the way as full Mysterials.

Sense, feel and think into whether it is 'yours to do' to be one of these pioneers.


The Prerequisite for the Emergence program is completion of any version of the Level 1 Program: WILC, BWILC, WILO, The Opening Program, Mysterial Leadership Depth Program, or 1-1 Mysterial Leadership Coaching Program.

Get on the wait list for the tentative 2020 Emergence Program:

Still not sure?

If you’re interested in the Emergence program but are not yet sure if it’s a fit for you, please click here to email us. This is deep work, and while you won’t be completely at ease before starting – it’s important to address your questions and concerns.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for payments already made (whether full-pay or partial / pay plans). Once you have made your first payment you are committed to the full investment of the program.

Payments not reconciled within 10 days incur a late payment charge of $25 or 10% of balance, whichever is greater. This charge will compound for each 10 day period thereafter (e.g. 20 days late incurs a charge of $50 or 20% of balance, whichever is greater) until reconciled.

You can find full payment terms and conditions here.