It is an amazing feat of nature that a bamboo seed spends many years underground slowly developing before all of a sudden, in 24 hours, it shoots 4 feet up in the air. It is with great excitement that I share with you the readiness now for the Level 2 Program to burst out of the ground and into form! 

Watch or listen to the Information Session recording below, to learn more about the fast-approaching

Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program

You are invited!

I want to personally invite YOU to join me in The Emergence Program to complete The Mysterial Sequence and become The Mysterial Leader you were born to be. You have already done the hard work of cultivating the healthy inner Mother and Hero archetypes in the Level 1 program. From that solid base, new capacities are poised to come online as you continue to activate the remaining archetypes, clear their shadows and cultivate their healthy expressions.

When all of the archetypes of The Mysterial Sequence have been cultivated, a deep and lasting inner Sacred Marriage takes place and The Mysterial Leader naturally emerges.  It is a beautiful thing to experience the unfolding of your full wisdom, love and power as you finally manifest your evolutionary potential in the world!