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Equine-Guided Mysterial Awakening

A transformative day of awakening to the next level of your innate wisdom, love and power. Using the ground breaking Mysterial Pathway for women’s development, we will weave together Mysterial teachings, horse-guided group sessions, circle time, personal reflection and soul nourishing experience in nature’s beauty to:

  • Gain capacity to notice, through sensations and feelings, when you are/aren’t congruent in all your centers of intelligence — body, heart and mind.
  • Awaken to the reality of your energetic impact on others and cultivate a consciousness of the inter-beingness that enables you to co-create with others in dynamic mutuality.
  • Become aware of unconscious embodied sabotaging beliefs that have held your authentic expression and natural power hostage so that you can experience more fulfillment, freedom, creativity and presence.
  • Awaken to the deep ground of your Feminine Being as an essential vessel expansive enough to hold your power as you sustainably bring your gifts into expression in the world.

Horses inspire and move us to feel and to connect with our power and grounded sense of presence. Facilitated by our horse ally Connection, an 18 year old black beauty, the group will have the opportunity to explore, practice and play with listening to the subtle energy of our body sensations, emotions and thoughts. All horse time is on the ground; no riding experience is necessary.

“The experience with horses was sincerely powerful and life changing. To see myself through the eyes of such a graceful and remarkable creature was both awe inspiring and humbling, something I will never forget. I would recommend this experience to those of you who really want to invoke the divine spark in your heart and be the leader you know you can be.” 
Kim Smith, VP, Capgemini

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"What a rich book! Like the wise women they are, Anderson and Cannon take us by the hand and guide us confidently through the transformation that is already underway for thousands of women—and men—who have felt the tug of Mysterial potential within. In delineating five clear stages and multiple practices to support maturation of integral capacities at each stage, the authors have created an elegant map for a brave new emerging model of leadership." 
Belinda Gore, Senior faculty The Deep Coaching Institute, author Ecstatic Body Postures: An Alternate Reality Workbook