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You Make Your Path by Walking – Webinar and Book Launch

June 22 @ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

When my beloved husband took his life and with it mine as she knew it, I faced a choice: would I be broken down and defeated or broken open and transformed? Drawing from my years as a transformational teacher guiding others to heal developmental trauma and awaken consciousness, and my shattering personal journey of loss, I will explore how to make your own path in the darkest of times and become a light in the world that others can turn to in their times of need.

– Understand how to move through the difficult circumstances of your life and the disruptive nature of these times in a way that allows the breaking open to be a breaking through to a deeper and more authentic you
– Learn the importance of working with the conscious and the unconscious when moving through trauma and loss to reduce suffering
– Recognize how current challenging circumstances can activate earlier trauma wounds
– Discover the 8 core meta-capacities needed for resilience in the midst of disruptive times
– Learn a grounding self-compassion practice to settle your nervous system

If you can’t attend the webinar in real-time, don’t worry, we’ll record it and send you the replay link after the event.

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