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FemmeQ Summit - Berlin, Germany

  • 68 Auguststraße Berlin, 10117 Germany (map)

A gathering for those who are ready to expand their understanding of the Deep Feminine Intelligence inside all of us and how accessing this innate capacity can profoundly impact how we live, love and lead. 

This Summit is an opportunity to do 5 things:
1. To think seriously about why the world is in such a state, guided by women leaders experienced in government, peace building, education, business, media, ecology and community relations.
2. Using their knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, to review plans for the kind of fundamental change that needs to happen.
3. To learn about the skills necessary to become part of the solution, instead of standing on the sidelines as things get worse.
4. To decide if you want to play your part in these changes, and explore how that could happen.
5. To get inspired by what’s already underway, and meet others who are lit up by the possibilities emerging.