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Free Intro to the Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course

I am delighted to announce my first-ever global online circle program, Mysterial Leadership Essentials: Awakening the Five Gateways to Radical Wisdom, Love and Power, an 8-week course that will begin October 23. After decades of running university certificate women’s leadership depth programs, this will be the first time I am offering an introductory program.

I envision women all around the world joining together in this program to awaken the core Feminine and Masculine essences that are presented in our recently released book, The Way of the Mysterial Woman, and I am very excited to get started.

Join me in this free live video intro session to the course so that I can give you a taste of what is possible in my work.

An Introduction to
The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course:

Awakening the Five Gateways to Radical Wisdom, Love and Power

A Free Live Video Event with Suzanne Anderson
Recorded October 11, 2016

In this 60-minute introductory session, I will share with you what I have discovered about this ground-breaking pathway to accelerated, integral, embodied development that is actually aligned with how women grow. And I will share the program structures and approach of our 8-week course. 

Please visit the registration page for details and to sign up for free.