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Sun Valley Wellness Festival and Conference

Suzanne will offer two events:

  1. A pre-conference workshop:

    Understanding Triggers and How They Influence How Women Live, Love and Lead

    Why do you get so reactive and triggered around certain people or in certain situations and end up saying or doing the same old thing that you regret later? After 15 years of research what I can tell you is that there are 5 outdated Feminine and Masculine codes ruling the way that women live, love and lead, which are intimately linked to your triggers. 

    You’ll discover tools to shift the way you feel and respond when you’ve been “grabbed”, so that every minor occurrence doesn’t feel like a personal affront, and lead to outcomes you didn’t intend. And on a larger scale, you’ll understand what these triggers are pointing us toward (individually and collectively) and how they are evolution’s way of encouraging us to grow beyond the current hypermasculine paradigm. Click here to learn more and register for the workshop.

  2. A general talk at the conference:

    Evolutionary Alchemy: Learning to See in Dark Times

    Explore how the changes and disruptions that are occurring in our lives can be an evolutionary force encouraging us to grow into the next level of our innate potential. Learn how to move with the alchemical nature of traumatic times so that the breaking open can also be the breaking through to profound new levels of wisdom, love and power.

    It would be wonderful to have you join me in beautiful Sun Valley!

    Click here to learn more.

Earlier Event: June 13
A Conversation About Triggers