An Introduction
to the Mysterial Leadership Essentials
Online Course

Straight to the heart of the matter: 

1. Women have been following a developmental pattern based on a Masculine paradigm in order to succeed and lead in their lives, jobs and communities. Statistics show that 1 in 4 women are on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication, and desperately seeking change.

2. 15+ years of researching women in University Leadership Programs revealed a powerful new developmental pathway for women, which we published in a ground-breaking book so that any woman could retrace this pathway to more fully awaken her power and unique genius. You can get the book to DIY and start to open the channel to your innate potential or...

3. You can catalyze your ability to Live, Love and Lead through a 12 week journey with the support of a powerful worldwide cohort of rising Mysterial Women. 

This free webinar will show you how...


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