"My own experience of daily life turned on - like going from black and white TV to color - and it felt awesome."

- Larisa Benson


Larisa had read all the leadership books, and was working very hard to be a very good leader. She would go home at the end of each work day to a vibrant family life, giving all she could. Finding herself exhausted and not yet recognizing the signs of cortisol overload, she knew she needed to practice self-care but was still at the bottom of her own list each day.

Just before she cracked from the pressure of being awesome for everyone else, she was drawn into the Mysterial Woman community. She received the combined presence of the women in the global online communty and Suzanne's guidance through the Mysterial code. These keys unlocked her from the traps she'd been in. Still with the same amount of success in life, her experience of it all shifted immensely.



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"The most valuable thing I learned is to be in my own body…learning to be comfortable with my authentic being."

- Elizabeth Friesen

"Once I had more connection with my inner self, I was able to make decisions that I didn't know needed to be made."

-Arlene Fairfield

"I felt a cascading effect...the soul-economy you feel when you're in alignment with the universe."

-Victoria Baker, Waldorf School Educator

“There was a vastness to the shift that occurred in my life.”

- Nota Lucas