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Are you ready to discover your limiting beliefs
and learn how to align with more liberating beliefs?

This Mysterial Sequence Liberating Beliefs Worksheet will help you to begin the practice of self-awareness and reflection and identify those beliefs running as internal programs that may be limiting you from expressing your full potentiality and living a happier, more connected, and creative life. You are certainly not alone in carrying this generations-old programming.

The accompanying video below will provide some context for your exploration of the worksheet and guide you through the five archetypes that are associated with a powerfully healing practice.

Get the Liberating Beliefs Worksheet

My work is dedicated to supporting women in the awakening of their Mysterial potential and urging them to the edge of their own evolution.
I’m so thrilled you’ve taken this first step to awaken your own.
We welcome you to our murmuration and to become one of the women willing to wake up these latent innate codes we call Mysterial and become the woman for which future generations are grateful.

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