Dying of the Patriarchal Code - Inside and Outside

Upgrade your Inner Operating System with powerful Feminine and Masculine Essences

This Masterclass includes a 90-minute video to awaken out of the trance of the hypermasculine patriachial code so that you can create the conditions in and around you that support the emergence of your deepest potential - your Mysterial essence. 

The Conundrum: Hypermasculine Patriarchy

The current models for living, loving, and leading were formed from a cultural worldview that for more than five thousand years has been continuously tilted in the extreme toward Masculine values, styles, and ways of making sense of reality. And it is not just Masculine, but has become Hypermasculine.

This “Patriarchy” as it is sometimes called, has a lust for power and control over others, and is uncomfortable with the more collaborative and co-creative nature of Feminine power.

Driven by fear and greed, the Patriarchy has an insatiable need for endless growth and achievement, keeping us on the treadmill 24/7 without any sense of natural restorative cycles. Nothing is ever good enough for it, and it is highly suspicious of women’s ways of knowing. It delights in pure win-lose competition, blind to unintended consequences. It has no problem with the exploitation and destruction of planetary resources and other people for the sake of enriching itself beyond any reasonable need.

It’s messages are: “You are not enough! You do not belong! There is something wrong with you!”

We often recognize these voices coming at us from others, but we don’t as easily recognize how deeply and unconsciously they are encoded inside ourselves. And like the underwater portion of an iceberg, our subconscious is what actually determines the direction that we move in and how our life unfolds.

Women are running on a subconscious, outdated ‘inner operating system’ that is mostly invisible and that is based on a Masculine code passed down generation after generation. All of our existing paradigms for living a successful and fulfilling life have been aligned with the way that men develop and evolve. This was not a mistake - it was exactly what had to happen, and in the appropriate time, for humanity to evolve.

Yet the Hypermasculine paradigm is no longer sufficient for the full emergence of our potential as women today who can help to shape a positive world for all beings. We need another image of the future that includes both the healthy Feminine and healthy Masculine values if we are going to have a future.

Inner Marriage (1).jpg

The shaking up of our hypermasculine society currently looks like:

  • The US Presidency and bullying misogynistic approach to leadership embroiled in legal and sexual scandals

  • Activation of the #MeToo Movement and the surfacing of hidden toxic masculine abuse

  • Corporate greed destroying the environment with a sense that Gaia is an unlimited resource to be consumed

  • A deluge of information but no wisdom or discernment of how to integrate or apply it

  • A zombie culture, abusing pharmaceuticals to numb out - 1 in 4 women are currently on anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medications


Maybe you’ve seen or directly experienced manifestations of this in yourself:

  • Despite having ‘played the game’ that was taught by society or family dynamics, you don’t feel fulfilled or successful

  • Running around taking care of others, at the expense of your own self-care and wellbeing

  • Feeling a painful gap between who you are on the inside and what you are able to express in the world 

  • Operating on the old valuing of doing over being, constantly sensing you are not enough, are not doing enough or are not doing enough right

  • Feeling a constant low-level anxiety or depression that doesn’t go away even when things are going well

  • Overwhelmed by everything that you are responsible for, you wonder how you will survive, let alone thrive



I believe that women are in the midst of a profound rite of passage. Evolution seems to be urging us forward, demanding that we meet the immediate pressure for a planetary rebalancing of the prevailing Hypermasculine essence with the full complexity of our mature Feminine essence. This deep impulse is the stimulus of much of the inner discontent, yearning, confusion, pain, and depression experienced by women. A new world, and our new identity as women leaders, is seeking birth.

And that birth requires a new source code, a fundamental set of updated inner instructions for growth.


Our Solution: The Mysterial Upgrade

You can think of the Mysterial Woman as someone who is running on an upgraded personal operating system. Her upgrade gives her access to the higher capacities required to meet the evolutionary challenges upon us. This inner template allows her to live in the eye of the current storm—at peace with whatever comes her way, skillfully unfolding a life that is accomplished, creative, and beneficial to all.


The Mysterial Woman is not trapped inside old patterns of identity that were built by the more toxic elements of Hypermasculine culture. Despite excruciating pressure to change—manifesting in punishing forms such as mega storms, economic chaos, and widespread misery—this inheritance from our past maintains itself in great part through the self-serving efforts of major media, institutions, and corporations that fear they have something to lose if things change.

The Mysterial Woman is grounded in a different kind of consciousness. The Mysterial Woman is literally embodying a consciousness of the future that is not yet shared by the masses. And because it is consciousness, individual and collective, that shapes our worldview, she can begin to create a different reality here in the present.

What is the life that is currently trying to get your attention that you keep pushing down or aside because you are still stuck in the old patriarchal worldview?


This Masterclass offers an opportunity to:

  • Normalize these times so you can understand the big cultural move we are in the midst of as we transition from the limitations of the patriarchy to a way of being that engages all of the Feminine and Masculine essences

  • Wake up to the pernicious ways that the old patriarchal code still lives in how you think, feel and sense the world

  • Recognize how deeply you have internalized a code of being that is causing you suffering and recreating the same problems and patterns no matter how hard you try to change

  • Get unstuck - learn some basic practices for beginning to upgrade your inner operating system

  • Explore how to bridge between the old patriarchal patterns that are dying and the new world that is emerging through and around you

The video includes:

mother (1).jpg
  • A practice for healing the Mother Wound, the place we all must start on this journey

  • A powerful guided visualization to connect with your Mysterial essence within that is seeking to emerge through the cracks of your old identity

This Masterclass will support you in beginning to unhook from the beliefs and voices that tell you that you are not enough and that you do not belong.


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When will I get access? ...

After paying, you will receive an audio and video recording of the Masterclass. Suzanne’s transmissions are powerful and effective long after the live delivery.

Is this intended for women who are new to Suzanne’s work? ...

All are welcome, whether you’ve studied with Suzanne in the past or not. There are nuggets for everyone.

Do I need to have read the book ‘The Way of the Mysterial Woman’ for this Masterclass to be effective? ...

No. Suzanne may reference the book, as it is a huge resource for women, however you will not be ‘behind’ or ‘out of the loop’ if you have yet to read it.

How does this Masterclass fit with Suzanne’s other programs (Essentials, Depth and Emergence)?...

This Masterclass is great for you if you want to dip your toe into this work, to inform future participation in Suzanne’s other programs. It is also a great fit if you have read the book or studied with Suzanne in the past, and want reminders of how to implement your learning. Additionally, it is also for you if you are in one of Suzanne’s programs and are interested in further exploration of this particular topic.

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