A special offer just for graduates...

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The next Mysterial Leadership Essentials course begins September 19th, with many exciting changes and a new addition - see below!

The full cost for Essentials is $597, but as a graduate, you can join us for this new version of the course, save $300, and only pay $297!

I hope you will join us!


What's different?

  • In this 3rd offering of the global online program, Mysterial Leadership Essentials, we are excited to unveil The Facilitator's Track - read more here!
  • The pre-recorded teaching videos will be available separately - you can revisit concepts, images, and transmissions from the 5 archetypes, kata moves, and more.
  • The live calls will be every other week, in order to give more time and space for reflection, and working with each of the 5 archetypes.
  • The live calls will be focused on guided meditation, breakout groups to connect with like-minded Mysterials, teachings on new / deeper topics, and direct Q&A with Suzanne.
  • There will be a new Facebook group for reflection, connection and witnessing. 


Wondering if it will serve you to do the course again?

The Essentials course is a journey. Revisiting the course gives you the opportunity embed changes, to be present and to fully prepare for the next stage in your journey. If you will be joining us, or considering joining us, for the next Depth course (January 2018), this is an ideal opportunity to delve deeper and fully participate in the journey through each archetype! Joining this evolute of Essentials can help you create space to clarify and commit to what matters most to you.


"I shifted from pushing for results to being invited in..."


Jacqueline van Paassen is a High Performance Leadership Coach and Consultant based in Barcelona, Spain. With extensive training and more than 20 years of experience running health and advisory businesses, she supports executives who want to radically expand their leadership capacity by using the interplay between action learning, physiology and applied neuroscience. She has worked with many international clients, most recently including: Nike, OnPR, GTF IT consulting, Novartis, Syngenta and B Braun Medical.

She completed the Mysterial Leadership Essentials and Depth Program in one-one coaching with Suzanne Anderson, and shares her experience here: 


Press play and wait 5-15 seconds for the audio to begin.


"This enabled me to find my own calling - life went from black and white to color..."


Nota Lucas is a Transformational Coach, certified by the Newfield Network and Pacific Integral's Integral Transformative Leadership certificate program from Saybrook University. Her initial professional career was in the public sector, working with natural resources and environmental protection, particularly in the area of landscape sustainability. In mid-career she began the deep dive into personal development and growth, which eventually lead to the awareness of her calling to support others in their path of transformation. 

Nota speaks about her deep experience here, having completed all of Suzanne's programs:


Press Play and wait 5-15 seconds for the audio to begin.


"Brought in new ways of knowing myself, discerning my longings, and expressing myself..."


Arlene Fairfield
is a Leadership Coach helping organizations and individuals to expand their capacities and reach their outcomes. She worked for over 20 years with Non-Profits, Advocacy Groups, Foundations and Corporations to improve their communications, particularly in the areas of social and environmental responsibility. Her education includes a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University, an MBA from the University of Washington and an intensive Certified Coach Training Program with Newfield Network. In 2008 I founded Global Change Network, a company that works with those improving the health and well-being of people and the planet.

She shares her experience of the Mysterial Leadership programs here: 


Press play and wait 5-15 seconds for the audio to begin.

Course Registration

Special offer just for graduates!

The Essentials Course runs Sept. 19 - Dec. 12. Your registration includes:
  • Video and audio recordings for listening and downloading so you don't miss a thing even if you can't make all the live sessions.
  • Private website for course information and recordings
  • Private Facebook group for participants to share their experiences and support each other in the work
  • Live video sessions are every-other Tuesday from 10:30-11:45am Pacific Time (find your time zone here) on Sept. 19, Oct. 3, Oct. 17, Oct. 31, Nov. 14, Nov. 28, and Dec. 12.
    ALL course sessions are recorded and available within 24 hours via audio or video, so you won't miss a thing!
    Why at this time of day? We wanted to include all time zones for interaction. We’ve picked a time when Australian and Asian residents can still participate live, in order to have the opportunity to connect with women from all over the world! The calls are live and interactive in order to create a collective global field. We will draw on the feminine power of collaboration, to engage with catalytic support!
You can pay by credit card, debit card or PayPal balance. If you have payment questions or need assistance registering, please contact us at info@mysterialwoman.com.

Single Payment
of $297*
(Save $300!)

+ Facilitator's Track
(Save $497!)

*This will be the third time the course has been offered online, and thus the pricing is extremely low for the immense value received. Thus, this is the last time that the course will be offered at this low rate. Pricing for the next course in 2018 will increase, so get in now! Even if you are unable to fully participate, you will forever own all of the course content (audios, videos, written text and sequences of learning) so you can engage with it when ready.

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The Mysterial Leadership Essentials
Facilitator’s Track

Providing personal and professional support for coaches, therapists, facilitators, managers and mentors who are passionate about facilitating deep change.

The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Facilitator’s Track is ideal for women who are already doing work as a guide for other women. The program will engage you in learning and exploring your own personal journey, as well as strengthening your professional container for deeper, more nourishing work with your clients, mentees, team members and peers.


The Facilitator’s Track will engage you across Two Tiers of learning and exploration:

First Tier: Your Personal Journey
You’ll experience the journey and tools within the Mysterial Leadership Essentials course for yourself, identifying your personal relationships with the 5 Archetypes of the groundbreaking source code of accessing your deepest potential - The Mysterial Sequence. Hundreds of women have traversed this territory, opening to the full realization of their unique brilliance. Many women desire to bring this new connection into their work, yet don’t know how. Thus the Facilitator’s Track was born, supporting women through a deepening understanding of how an embodiment of the archetypes could substantially increase the potency of their work with others.

Second Tier: Strengthening Your Professional Container
Through the discoveries from your personal journey, you’ll start to observe how each of the 5 Archetypes show up for you in your professional life, too. When you are more resourced personally, you naturally have a stronger, more stable container for yourself as well as your work. Bringing together the two tiers will give you more capacity in your work and allow your true talents to blossom. During your journey you’ll gracefully shift from the sometimes burden of work to the fulfillment of serving. The Facilitator’s Track will guide you through this and more!

As part of Facilitator’s Track you will have the opportunity to…

  • Enjoy the experience of the Essentials program for yourself, and learn how to engage each of the archetypes in the way you work with women.
  • Receive personal coaching and teaching to unlock your innate Mysterial capacity, specifically related to your professional life.

  • Connect with a dynamic community of like minded women who are interested in increasing their capacity to make a contribution to women’s wholeness.

During The Facilitator’s Course:

Learn how to awaken the five main Archetypes within your own being, and begin to unlock their power for both your personal life and your work life. By participating in the Mysterial Leadership Essentials course, you begin to incorporate the healthiest expressions of these vital forces that are constantly at play in every woman’s life. As you bring these essences up to the surface of conscious awareness, you will begin to see how they can look in your unique professional life. Each woman’s expressions within the archetypes is different, so by embracing your unique personal journey, you will begin to create more connection within, more purpose in the world, and a deeper sustainability overall.


What’s included in the Facilitator’s Track:

  • 6 Additional Live Sessions with Suzanne - an initial overview session and then one session for each of the 5 archetypes. Audio and Video recording provided for continued learning after the sessions are complete. Live sessions are every-other week from the core course sessions: Sept. 26, Oct. 12, Oct. 24, Nov. 7, Nov. 21, Dec. 5. All sessions are Tuesdays from 12 - 1:15pm Pacific Time (find your time zone here).

  • New teaching content from Suzanne on women’s development in the professional world, and how to create sustainable success.

  • Support to shift your perspective on life, work and the things that trip you up in between.

  • First-to-know status about future professional support, such as the Mysterial Leadership Coaching Certification programs and more!


The Facilitator’s Track is for you if you:

  • Have previously practiced or are currently an active Coach, Therapist, Counselor, Teacher or professional in a service / support industry and are interested in growing your capacity to help others grow and develop.

  • Are in a role in your work as a facilitator, manager, mentor, etc.

  • Are passionate about facilitating deep change in yourself and others - whether your current work outwardly addresses this or not.

  • Feel that you have more to give in your work, but aren’t yet sure what that will look like.

  • Sense that in order for your work to be more effective, you will need to make an internal shift, and are willing to go within and see what opens up.

  • Have been over-doing your work life through multiple cycles / professions, and wonder if you’ll ever find a balance of purpose and freedom.


The Facilitator’s Track is NOT for you if you:

  • Need to make more money now for your work to be worthwhile.

  • Need to quit your current job now and do different work - this program is not about uncovering your soul’s purpose within 12 weeks and having a new profession clearly defined.

  • Need new content to teach to your students / clients.

Note: The Facilitator’s Track is NOT a certification course - although there will be one coming in the future! Participating in The Facilitator’s Track now means you’ll be among the first to be invited to the future Mysterial Leadership Certification program, and will already have The Mysterial Sequence embedded in your personal experience, which is an absolute requirement for supporting others through their journey.


Are you ready?

Hundreds of women have gone through the Mysterial Leadership programs, coming out more confident, clear and in touch with their unique, authentic nature and how to express it in the world. Are you ready to discover how to awaken the inner code that will allow you to catalyze deep change and transformation in others while staying grounded and present to yourself?


Invest in Your Own Personal Awakening AND Your Professional Development

These two aspects of life are not mutually exclusive - you can have your cake and eat it, too! And you can open to receive these experiences in the company of like-minded women, in a sturdy and safe container, with clear structures which ripen your unique professional and personal unfoldment.

In addition to the basic Mysterial Leadership Essentials course ($497)
the Facilitator’s Track is only

Yes, you read that right! Since this is the first official offering of the Facilitator’s Track, the cost is significantly lower than it will be in the future. At the next offering in 2018, the prices will increase, so we encourage you to join now to receive the immense value for your personal and professional life.

This will be an intimate group, and requires a minimum 6 to effectively run, so please share this program with colleagues and friends!

Register by midnight on Tues. Aug. 29th for $100 Early Bird Savings!

Grads Special Price $397
Essentials course $297 + Facilitator's Track $100
(save $497)

*This will be the third time the course has been offered online, and thus the pricing is extremely low for the immense value received. Thus, this is the last time that the course will be offered at this low rate. Pricing for the next course in 2018 will increase, so get in now! Even if you are unable to fully participate, you will forever own all of the course content (audios, videos, written text and sequences of learning) so you can engage with it when ready.

Get on the wait list to be the first to know about the next course. We'll also send you immediate access to the webinar 'The Essentials Course: Awakening the 5 Gateways to Radical Wisdom Love and Power.'

* indicates required
Privacy Policy: We will never share your information with third parties.


Download a larger version of the calendar here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to see the answer...

What is the difference between the Essentials course and the Depth course? . . .

Mysterial Leadership Essentials is a 12-week introductory course, currently offered twice each year. It helps women awaken the five archetypes / gateways, and companions them through the complexities of the book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How you Live, Love and Lead. It is the prerequisite for the 6-month Mysterial Leadership Depth Program which is offered only once each year. In the Depth course we dive down deep to do the shadow work that is holding our innate Mysterial brilliance hostage and we cultivate the leadershp capacities of the future.

Is there a Mysterial Leadership Coaching Certification program? . . .

Not yet, but a professional certification is coming soon! In the meantime, we highly recommend that you take the Essentials and Depth courses, as they are both prerequisites for women who are interested in the possibility of becoming Mysterial Coaches or using the Developmental Pathway of The Mysterial Sequence in their work. Within the Essentials course, we have introduced the Facilitator’s Track! Scroll up to read more. If you already took the Essentials course, you qualify for a special rate for the Facilitator’s Track - email us to find out more! Join the email list so you’ll get information about future programs as our Mysterial movement unfolds.

I'm not great with online and distance learning. Will I still benefit? . . .

Yes! We totally understand the challenges of not being a ‘tech native’ Suzanne has been on the steep learning curve herself of online business and teaching, having initially taught in-person programs. Here are the ways that we make this easy:

  • The interactivity of the private Facebook forum and the live calls helps you connect with Suzanne, her assistants, and fellow students - some people make life-long connections that last well beyond the course, and report that they felt as if they were in a live room with everyone during the weekly calls.
  • The materials are always accessible on the Member webpages - you can stream them live (play the video or just the audio) or you can download them to have on a device (smartphone, ipad, ipod, etc.) so you can listen while on a walk, driving, etc.
  • There are written materials such as extra reading, as well as the ‘Fieldwork’ that summarizes ways to further embody the learning and habit changes.
  • The live calls are on a great platform called Zoom. You can either call in, or join via video.
  • All live calls are recorded, so even if you can’t be there, you’ll still receive all the benefits by listening / watching later.

The variety of learning channels means you’ll be able to digest the material in ways that work for you. You’ll be able to connect with like-minded women from all over the world, and you can learn/participate in a way that works easily with your schedule (not to mention there won’t be any jet lag from traveling to be with the group!).

What if I can’t attend the live calls? . . .

All of the live calls are recorded and posted to the Member space within 24 hours. You have the option to listen to the audio, or watch the video. Whenever possible, we encourage you to attend live so you can connect with other women during the breakout discussions, and with Suzanne for Q&A. And yet you will also have the private Facebook group for these connections.

Will I get to work with Suzanne one-on-one? . . .

Within the context of the live calls and in the private Facebook group you will be able to ask questions and share experiences for Suzanne to respond to directly. Many women report that they also learn alot when allowed to witness other’s process their experiences and questions in the presence of the group. Private one-on-one coaching with Suzanne is available as a separate offer, if this is of interest email us. As the Mysterial murmuration grows, Suzanne’s time will be spent more in the Depth programs and future Certification program. Since she have less availability to provide direct support within this Essentials program, we encourage you to take advantage of her presence in the Essentials program while you can!

What will the community aspect of this program be like? . . .

Mysterial Leadership Essentials provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are ready for deep and lasting change in their lives. These women share an interest in women’s awakening, women's leadership empowerment and in making a difference in the world. Joining the Mysterial Murmuration can enhance your own network of friends, confidants, colleagues, collaborators, mentors and mentees. This sense of belonging is invaluable. We will engage in dialogue through the live calls and the private Facebook group. Members will also have the opportunity to connect with each other individually based on shared interests, or shared geography.

Can I do this program if I am not a coach, therapist, or leadership development professional? . . .

Yes. Although many women who will choose to do this course will already be working with other women it is possible to enter the course if you are interested in doing this kind of work in the future. It may also be of interest to women who are in academia, corporate managers, mentors, health care practitioners and others..

Honestly, I am afraid of shaking things up. . . .

You aren’t alone. Many women are afraid to even imagine a possible future outside of the life they are leading because it would mean acknowledging how their lives really aren’t working for them today. Fear of change and resistance to change are the psyche’s natural way of keeping things the same and they create a kind of immunity to change. So fear is not necessarily bad or a reason not to do the program. In fact it can be a sign that lets you know you are going in the right direction. Let your aspirations, your passion, your hopes — not fear or the inner critic — be in charge of the decision to sign up.

How do I know if this is for me? . . .

Use all of your ways of knowing to sense, feel and think about whether this is the right commitment for you at this time. Start with the hara (gut center of intelligence) then move to the heart and then bring in the head.
Hara (Body Intelligence) Check in with your body: How does the idea of registering land in your body — good and exciting? Body is energized, expansive or excited? These are all good signs.
Heart (Emotional Intelligence) Check in with your feelings: When you consider the program what feelings are ignited? Joy, excitement, hope, possibility, fear of change. All good signs.
Head ( Cognitive Intelligence) Check in with your thoughts: Listen to your own wisdom. Is the ‘you are not good enough’ inner critic the one giving you guidance and saying that you aren’t an emerging Mysterial, or you won’t be able to ‘do it right’ or that the time has to be just right for you to do this? Using the right brain what images of the future arise for you when you imagine doing the program? Does this program align well with your dreams of the future?

Is the Facilitator's course offered by itself/as a standalone program? . . .

No. The Essentials course is a vital experience for you to have firsthand. The Facilitator's course is an add-on option for professional coaches, teachers, therapists, facilitators, managers, instructors and mentors.

This all sounds interesting and reflective, but how will this course support me in my 9-5 corporate job?

Women who work in corporate jobs who have experienced the Essentials course content report that they feel more confident, happy and clear about their strengths. They find it easier to delegate, work more effectively with their teams, and can identify what will help them experience more success and fulfillment. They always report both internal and external gains in their personal life and their professional life. There is a saying that ‘wherever you go there you are’. Women have lived for far too long with the split between who are we are at home and who we are in our professional lives.
Women who work in corporate jobs experience what it means to bring more of themselves to the office. They recognize that caring for themselves and others they work with is not just a feel good idea but leads to more creative and productive teams. They recognize that they can’t do everything and learn that their No’s make space for important Yes’s. They are more empowered, confident and clear about their strengths and they experience more freedom to express themselves authentically. If more women showed up like this is their corporate jobs we would have a very different world indeed!

My life and schedule is already so full, I should probably do the course in the future when I have more time, how can I fit this in and will it really help me?

We often see the vessel of our lives as way too full and can’t imagine adding one more thing. This work is actually about increasing the size of your vessel so that you can be more present and available to receive all the elements of your complex life. The truth is that there is no perfect time to do this inner upgrade (just like with our computers) that liberates the next level of our wisdom, love and power. So we often just have to dive in.
The way of the Mysterial woman is literally a way of being and doing that is expressed in your everyday life as opposed to something outside of your direct experience that you have to go and get. Graduates of the Essentials program share that it was nourishing and enlivening in their work and personal lives to be opening up the channel of The Mysterial Sequence. The Essentials course awakens the 5 Feminine and Masculine gates that begin to open up a channel for our innate Mysterial potentiality to emerge. These awakenings can assist you in every aspect of your life!


Read the original Registration page here for full descriptions of the course sessions. 


If you would like to submit a written or video testimonial of your experience with the Essentials course, please email us!

"I love Suzanne's teachings. I have aha moments every time I listen to her speak. She makes the coursework exciting and invigorating."
—Leslie Johnson

"The Way of the Mysterial Woman is calling forth a deeper knowing of my Self, my leadership capacity as a woman and as a contributor to the Change we are being called into leading. It is richly rewarding to be so engaged with a learning community of amazing women, with guidance from Suzanne and her elegant leadership."

—Gretchen Krampf

Praise for
Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course

"I've done a lot of interpersonal work, and I found this course to be the most transformative of any work I've done, and in a very short time. I experienced a noticeable shift to more peaceful and empowered presence, performing the daily morning practice."

"Mysterial Woman has become the number one book I recommend to the beautiful women in my life, no matter their age or stage. This book and work came into my life at a time when I was in a liminal and unraveling space in my life and work. Engaging the Mysterial Process has allowed me to navigate this tender time and to reorient to my vocation and family life in an increasingly positive and sustainable manner. Gratitude to Suzanne for her insight, ability to cultivate intentional community and vision for balancing , renewing and feminizing leadership as we move into the possibilities of a more conscious and compassionate future."
—Victoria Baker

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