Are programmed Archetypes running the way you live, love and lead?

There are 5 main archetypes that light up as women develop, and our ability to access this energy impacts our wholeness - how we view ourselves, others and the world.

Learn which of the 5 is limiting your potential, and holding back your unique Mysterial genius from naturally unfolding.

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ―Arundhati Roy


Is the Mysterial Potential Awakening in You?

What we know from our years of experience is that many women in all walks of life are sensing a “call” to grow and develop. This call often shows up as an uncomfortable inner urging to change ways they are living, loving, or leading, and sometimes all three.

See if you recognize any of these signs.

Maybe you…

  • Feel a painful gap between who you are on the inside and what you are able to express in the world.

  • Wonder where your playful spirit went and how life became such hard work.

  • Long for a relationship where you can feel met and received for all of who you are.

  • Are tired of constantly giving to everyone else and having nothing left for yourself at the end of the day.

  • Are exhausted and feeling soul-dead, and possibly depressed even though you have achieved your career goals.

  • Feel pulled to discover and share your unique gifts, and make a contribution, but you can’t see how.

  • Feel alone and alienated from the mainstream and are afraid to share what you see with others.

  • Want to be an inspired role model for your daughter or leave a legacy for future generations, but are not sure how to do that.

  • Feel a constant low-level anxiety or depression that doesn’t go away even when things are going well.

  • Are overwhelmed by everything that you are responsible for and are wondering how you will survive, let alone thrive.

What if you knew that this inner and outer rumbling in your life was actually much bigger than you? What if you knew that discomfort that feels so intensely personal, like just your own life crisis, is actually an evolutionary impulse to grow?

And what if you knew you were NOT ALONE, and that together we are on the threshold of what could become a sea of change that has a tremendous bearing on our future, and the world we are seeding for our grandchildren and beyond?


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There are various entry points into this work. You may explore the surface, or like many of our students embark

on a multi-year immersion into the depths of this potent journey.

Join the Murmuration

Summer Dreaming - Catrin Welz Stein

Summer Dreaming - Catrin Welz Stein

The evolutionary momentum is urging us to grow into our full potential and while we need to do that ourselves, we do not need to do it alone. In fact, it is the collective updraft of transformation that will accelerate the process, and positively shape our common future.

"Having been involved in the Mysterial work ever since its earliest phase, beginning as a participant in the Women's Integral Leadership Program in 2005, I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of this life-changing work. When this is married to an awakening of mind, body and heart, and life is sourced from the authentic self, it is like becoming Dorothy stepping from the black and white of Kansas into the living color of Oz—only Oz is real, and everything becomes possible."

—Nota Lucas, Personal Development Coach

Leadership Development

After 15 years of research we decoded an accelerated developmental pathway, designed specifically for women, that unlocks radically new ways of living, loving and leading. We designed programs that unlock a woman’s capacity to fulfill her own soul’s deep longing and become a change agent positively shaping our common future.

"I have experienced tremendous growth through this work with Suzanne – a deeper connection to myself including deeper self compassion and self nourishment; a deeper capacity to stay open to others WHILE staying connected to myself; a deeper capacity to act in clearer alignment with what is authentically mine to do. How I lead/live has changed. I can FEEL my own deeper ground and how that impacts the spaces that I hold in my work and life more broadly – there is more clarity, flow, connection and effectiveness. I am holding more complex and challenging projects, teams, and life circumstances with more and more ease."

—Jennifer Becker, VP, Seattle Children's Hospital

Get Started with Our Book

The Way of the Mysterial Woman is for every woman who feels the call to be a creative agent of change in these turbulent times on our planet. Grounded in 15 years of research, Suzanne Anderson and Susan Cannon guide readers through a step-by-step sequence to accelerate the emergence of our Feminine and Masculine strengths and liberate profoundly new levels of wisdom, love and power.

"The most important book for women’s well-being and empowerment since The Feminine Mystique woke up housewives across the country back in the 1950’s."

Sarah Cottrell, Huffington Post

"The most important book for women’s well-being and empowerment since The Feminine Mystique woke up housewives across the country back in the 1950’s." —Sarah Cottrell, Huffington Post