The Mysterial Woman is not something we invented. She is a natural phenomenon we discovered and named. We believe she is being called forth now from within women to meet this extraordinary era of human evolution. 

Many women are feeling the limitations of an outdated model of leadership. The old models for living, loving and leading, are based on a worldview that for over five thousand years has been continuously tilted in the extreme toward Masculine values, styles and ways of making sense of reality. 

This was not a mistake. It was exactly what had to happen for humanity to evolve. But this Hypermasculine paradigm of wholeness, is no longer sufficient for the full emergence of our potential.

We need another image of the future.

The Hypermasculine saturation of today's world is resulting in intense evolutionary pressure to rebalance with the conscious, mature Feminine. This pressure is felt even more urgently within women, because a very high percentage of women have a foundational essence that is grounded in the Feminine. 

Therefore, women are in the midst of a profound rite of passage to meet the immediate pressure for a planetary rebalancing. This deep impulse is the stimulus of much of the inner discontent, yearning, confusion, pain, and depression experienced by women. A new world, and our new identity as women leaders, is seeking birth.

And that birth requires a new source code, a fundamental set of inner instructions for growth.

The Mysterial Emergence

After 15 years of our University Certification programs with hundreds of women we began to notice a radically new way of living, loving and leading emerging and there were few words that could adequately capture the elegance and potency of this pattern.

Patra Vessel by Linda Lowe

Patra Vessel by Linda Lowe

At first we tried to define this newly emerging woman using more recognizable language. We thought of “Authentic,” “Full Presence,” and “Integral.” None of them quite fit. None of them captured fully enough the enigmatic, beautiful nature of this radically new way of being. She has a remarkable ease with the unknown, chaotic and ambiguous realities of these uncertain times: she sees herself as a co-creative partner with the Mystery.

And she is able to bridge between diverse worlds and polarities, between radical differences—self and other, conscious and unconscious, Feminine and Masculine—manage reactivity, and find a creative middle way in challenging situations. She is a Medial presence in the imbalances of the world.

One day, and quite by surprise, the evocative word popped out of Suzanne’s mouth: MYSTERIAL—a radically new way of being that brings together our Feminine and Masculine strengths and gives rise to more conscious, connected and creative ways of acting. Characterized by a remarkable ease with unknown, chaotic and ambiguous realities, this upgraded 'inner operating system' generates the capacity to bridge between differences with grounded presence and unfold a positive future

This is an evolutionary move women are in the midst of now, and from this perspective, it would make sense that there would not already be a word in our current language to describe this way of being. 

The Dalai Lama said, "The world will be saved by Western women." However, gender alone will not change the world. It will require women who are willing to go down and in and do the shadow work needed to reconnect with our authentic essence and cultivate the capacities required to show up in the world as true Mysterial Woman who are leading the way.

Your upgraded wisdom, love and power are desperately needed now. We bow to your courage and commitment to fulfill your own soul’s longing and become a change agent positively shaping our common future - and awaken to the innate Mysterial potential within you. May your descendants be thanking you from the future for your wise, loving, and powerful choices on their behalf.



Join the Murmuration

Summer Dreaming - Catrin Welz Stein

Summer Dreaming - Catrin Welz Stein

The evolutionary momentum is urging us to grow into our full potential and while we need to do that ourselves, we do not need to do it alone. In fact, it is the collective updraft of transformation that will accelerate the process, and positively shape our common future.

"Having been involved in the Mysterial work ever since its earliest phase, beginning as a participant in the Women's Integral Leadership Program in 2005, I can personally attest to the power and effectiveness of this life-changing work. When this is married to an awakening of mind, body and heart, and life is sourced from the authentic self, it is like becoming Dorothy stepping from the black and white of Kansas into the living color of Oz—only Oz is real, and everything becomes possible."

—Nota Lucas, Personal Development Coach

Leadership Development

After 15 years of research we decoded an accelerated developmental pathway, designed specifically for women, that unlocks radically new ways of living, loving and leading. We designed programs that unlock a woman’s capacity to fulfill her own soul’s deep longing and become a change agent positively shaping our common future.

"I have experienced tremendous growth through this work with Suzanne – a deeper connection to myself including deeper self compassion and self nourishment; a deeper capacity to stay open to others WHILE staying connected to myself; a deeper capacity to act in clearer alignment with what is authentically mine to do. How I lead/live has changed. I can FEEL my own deeper ground and how that impacts the spaces that I hold in my work and life more broadly – there is more clarity, flow, connection and effectiveness. I am holding more complex and challenging projects, teams, and life circumstances with more and more ease."

—Jennifer Becker, VP, Seattle Children's Hospital

Get Started with Our Book

The Way of the Mysterial Woman is for every woman who feels the call to be a creative agent of change in these turbulent times on our planet. Grounded in 15 years of research, Suzanne Anderson and Susan Cannon guide readers through a step-by-step sequence to accelerate the emergence of our Feminine and Masculine strengths and liberate profoundly new levels of wisdom, love and power.

"The most important book for women’s well-being and empowerment since The Feminine Mystique woke up housewives across the country back in the 1950’s."

Sarah Cottrell, Huffington Post


Meet Suzanne Anderson


Suzanne is a master of transformative learning, a thought leader on resilient leadership and co-author of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. She has dedicated the last 15 years to decoding an embodied, integral and accelerated pathway to unlock women's innate potential to lead in an entirely new way - to positively shape our common future, and lead us into a new cultural paradigm.

"I met Suzanne Anderson in one of those synchronous moments that shimmer with light and pulse with possibility. It was a moment too powerful to ignore, thankfully. Through Suzanne’s program I experienced a profound thawing of frozen connective potential, an ignition of passion and purpose, a release from rigid and stultifying conformity, and a growing desire to help midwife the unknown future. Today, Life and I flow freely in conversations that matter and relationships that fulfill and sustain. For me, now, there is no higher or more sacred purpose than to allow, to be, Life’s full Mysterial expression." —Carlee Casey, Manager, City of Seattle and Life Coach



Transforming Limiting Beliefs

Through 15 years of research, we identified five unconscious core limiting beliefs women are facing today, that are the driving forces shaping the ways we live, love and lead:

- "I am not enough"
- "I have to do to be of value"
- "I do not belong”
- "I am not free to express myself fully”
- "I don't have enough knowledge, connections or influence”

Are you ready to transform these core limiting beliefs, to liberating beliefs?

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