Facebook Group Guidelines

  1. Answer within the thread
    Please aim to post your comments within the thread that they relate to, vs. starting a whole new thread. E.g. within the ‘Welcome & Introductions’ thread, click on ‘Comments’ and post your Introduction (vs. posting at the top in the general Facebook ‘Write something…’ field, which creates a new thread).
    Use the search box near the top right to look for threads / subjects as needed.

  2. Tag the people whom you want to read your post
    When posting, if you want a specific colleague to read your post, ensure that you tag them by entering their name - Facebook will pull up the person’s full Facebook name, and if you type ‘Return / Enter’ it will pull their highlighted name into your post text, to indicate that the person is now tagged. If their Notification settings are set to receive a Notice for every time they are tagged, they will easily be able to access your specific post and reply (see 4d below to ensure your Tag Notification is set to ON.)

  3. Engaging with others

    1. Read as many of your cohort sister’s posts as you can, in order to keep up with the group. You might consider setting a timer for 5-15 minutes, and see how you feel knowing you will dedicate that short time to reading and responding.

    2. ‘Like’ as you like :)
      Don’t feel pressured to ‘like’ a post. ‘Liking’ can be a way of witnessing, so the person knows that you read it, but didn’t have a specific comment to add.

    3. Comment when you feel you have the space to do so.
      Please keep comments within the realm of empathy, reflection, and loving support.
      Please hone the distinctions between empathy, relating, and co-miserating.
      Optimally, we use empathy to reflect what is being stated, e.g. “Wow it sounds like you are in an intense experience of sadness and longing for ease?”
      When relating to each other’s experiences and feelings, do so briefly so as not to ‘steal the spotlight’ e.g. “I really relate - hearing your story of sadness reminds me of my experience last year when a relationship ended. Just know you’re not alone, and I’m thinking of you.”
      Please avoid co-miserating, “Yah, it’s just the absolute worst to be in sadness, I know from having suffered for so long starting last year when…”

    4. If you connect with a colleague during a breakout discussion on a live call, ask her if she’s open to connecting via Facebook. If so, look for her name in the 'Members Tab' of the Facebook group in order to carry on with your conversation, be Facebook friends, etc.  

  4. Personalize your Notifications

    1. To turn on the Group Notifications:
      From the group page, on the bottom right of the group cover image, click on ‘Notifications’ to open the drop-down menu, and within it select ‘All Notifications’.

    2. To slim down your other Notifications:

      1. It helps to pick your top 3 groups / people / pages you want to get Facebook notifications for. If they don’t post often, then pick your top 5. Make this group in your top 3.

      2. In Facebook, top right, click on the globe icon > Settings.

      3. Go through these settings and turn off as many notifications as you can - be discerning. Remember that the more time and energy you put into this program, the more you’ll get from it.

      4. Ensure that your Tag Notifications are set to Anyone, so that when group members tag you, you will be notified (even if they aren’t a Facebook Friend).

      5. Now that your notifications are slimmed down, each time you visit Facebook, click on the Globe icon to see new notifications from the group. Click into each notification in the list, and read/comment, then ‘hide’ that notification (it’s like checking off a task list). This will keep your notifications clean so you know what you’ve read and responded to or not.

  5. Helpful tool for focus while on Facebook

    News Feed Eradicator Chrome browser Add-on
    Many people find that they are distracted from their time in the group forum, due to landing on their personal Feed and getting sucked into content there. This add-on will replace the default landing page (your Facebook Timeline feed) with a quote.
    You can still access your feed by going to Facebook in a different browser (Firefox, Safari) or opening a Chrome Incognito tab (In Chrome browser > File > New Incognito window > type into the URL bar: facebook.com then return > login to see your full Timeline feed). You can remove the add-on from your browser at any time, see instructions here.

If there’s anything you need additional help with,
please email us.

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