"Touching deep truths that you know in your soul..."


-Susan Lucci, Chicago - Facilitator, Circle Tender, Purpose Guide™,
Agent of Conscious Evolution, 2big4words.org


As a two-time graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Essentials online course, Susan has found a deep resonance in herself and with the teachings. Practicing the Katas (simple yet powerful movements taught in the course) helped her to deepen an awakening of the five Archetypal gates that women develop through. 

She found that the Essentials course fed her voracious hunger to become more in the world, and to connect with other women 'at the frothy edge of evolution'! Susan shares her perspective of Suzanne's online teaching, and how it supported her transitioning from the busyness of life into the live sessions.


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Healer, Teacher, Coach

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"If you’re just bursting & it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening, this is the course for you..."

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"From burned-out to nurturing my feminine soul..."