"I'm on the right track, and I'm not alone..."


- Jolina Karen, Colorado - Healer, Teacher, Coach - theredshoesexperience.com


In her quest to discover powerful, integrated female leaders to support and inspire her work, Jolina found herself captivated by Suzanne's take on the "new world" - the emergence of the Divine Feminine way of being, living, loving, and leading. 

Practicing the Katas (simple yet powerful movements taught in the Essentials course as part of the embodiment of each of the five main gateways or Archetypes) has transformed Jolina's awareness of her body, as well. 


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"If you’re just bursting & it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening, this is the course for you..."


Purpose Guide™,

former lawyer

"Touching deep truths that you know in your soul..."


Executive Coach & Marketing Consultant

"From burned-out to nurturing my feminine soul..."