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Mysterial Leadership Emergence

New Program Launching in the Fall of 2021!

We are excited to announce that after years of running the Mysterial Leadership Depth Level 1 program and the Mysterial Leadership Emergence Level 2 program as independent offers we are combining them together in 1 substantial offer. This new design will allow women to move more swiftly and efficiently through our proven and groundbreaking pathway to unlock the next level of potential.

The Mysterial Sequence is a map of women’s development that brings us step-by-step through the 5 Feminine and Masculine fundamental archetypes that make up human consciousness, integrating the parts of ourselves that have been left out or stalled. Women are guided to heal the earlier traumas – personal, transgenerational, and collective – that keep them from living, loving, and leading in a way that is in alignment with their deepest desires.  

In a world so out of balance, women are feeling the evolutionary pressure to grow; to come forward as leaders to create the change that is so needed. We’ve spent the last half-century breaking into the Masculine systems and structures, and now we’re at a major turning point; a rite of passage that is calling us to awaken and weave together our Deep Feminine wisdom, love and power with our Masculine strengths to create a better world for all. This requires an entirely new source code; a fundamental set of inner instructions for growth.

As our Mysterial qualities come online we naturally become leaders in our world. We rest into a deep sense of sufficiency from which our empowered actions are ignited. We know that we belong here on planet earth, have a unique contribution to make, and feel the freedom to express our full creative genius. And we are ready to show up in our wholeness and speak our truth as we partner with the Mystery to unfold the future. This is simply who we are —  in the office, with our children, as we create art, with our intimate partners, or as we simply interact with people in the grocery store. 

And this is exactly what is most needed in this time on our planet — the courage and commitment, resilience and grace to lead in an entirely new, embodied, integral, Mysterial way — a way that includes all of who you are.

Stay tuned as we will be updating this page with the new Program details soon.

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