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Mysterial Leadership

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Our Rite of Passage

Healing the Traumas of the past for Leadership in the Present

In these challenging and transformative times, we need women who have the capacity to live on the frothy edge of evolution and be the change makers who help to shape the new world that is emerging through the chaos. Many of us long to be those women who future generations are grateful for, and yet we don’t quite know how to get there.  

Human Development is natural – we do not question this movement as we see it unfolding from childhood through adulthood. I believe that women have seen their development and potential within a Masculine model of wholeness that has left out vast portions of their essence. We are stalled on the cusp of giving birth to profoundly new ways of living, loving, and leading that are a match for the complexity of these times. 


Each developmental stage both always transcends, and includes, the one before it. When we learn to walk, we don’t forget how to crawl. But we do fall down a lot as we develop the inner capacities and outer competencies. Development is not easy and the discomfort can be frightening.  

For women to up-level to a new paradigm of wholeness that is truly a match for how we need to live, love, and lead in the 21st century, we require an approach based on how women actually develop. The consciousness that is pressing to emerge now in the midst of these chaotic and turbulent times will need to include all of our Feminine and Masculine strengths. 



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Suzanne is offering the Mysterial Resilience Essentials course and, if you feel like you need to hit the re-set button, no matter where you are in the world, this is a great place to start. It was life-affirming and gave me some new tools to help me deal with both my work in the world and relationships.
Jane Charles
Impact Producer / Consultant
I have had a profound shift in my life because of this course, and am interacting in the world from a completely different perspective. Learning to slow down enough to be in my body and watch where my thoughts and energy go have completely transformed the way I relate to myself and others, and the people closest to me are noticing! This has been a life-changing experience.
Lisa Bourgon
Working with Suzanne was the most effective and deep work that I have ever done. My soul was withering, and I was weary. For the first time in my life, I feel more at ease in knowing what my strengths are and what is mine to do in the world. Suzanne gave me the support, resources and tools, empathy and encouragement that I needed to change my old ways of thinking and be my best self out in the world.
Cindi S.
Client Services Director, Coach

A Mysterial Woman who leads

What is mysterial leadership?

Leadership manifests in the smallest, most mundane activities in your life, as well as in the most profound and consequential actions you take. It is about how you get up in the morning and do what needs to be done, even through personal fears and anxieties that would have you go in an opposite direction. It’s about making wise decisions in the press of your professional responsibilities and the ambiguities of conflicting information.

The Mysterial Sequence is a map of women’s development that brings us step-by-step through the fundamental archetypes that make up human consciousness, integrating the parts of ourselves that have been left out or stalled. Women are guided to heal the earlier traumas – personal, transgenerational, and collective – that keep them from living, loving, and leading in a way that is in alignment with their deepest desires.

You may have experienced leadership trainings that focus on the Masculine strengths like empowerment, confidence, and authority, or trainings that target the Feminine strengths like collaboration, connection, and sharing. The problem is that when the Masculine or Feminine strengths are developed in isolation, the path is slow-going and unsustainable. You may have powerful insights and then find yourself slipping back into an old way of being. In our research, we have discovered that Feminine and Masculine essences arise in polarities and get healthier and stronger when developed together, which also keeps them in alignment with the developmental order that women actually grow through.

The Mysterial Sequence is a pathway that is accelerated, integral, and embodied, and unlocks all of the Feminine and Masculine essences in balance.

We need to redefine leadership so that women can recognize themselves inside a new model that is not about position or power over. Leaders are those who respond to the call to be fully and authentically themselves, and show up vulnerably and courageously to make a creative contribution… no matter what.

— Suzanne Anderson

Wisdom & Knowing

The Mysterial Woman draws upon all her ways of knowing – body, mind, heart, and soul. She allows things to manifest in natural and unpredictable ways so that creative solutions can arise that are vastly more complex than anything that could have been invented through a predictable process. She is open to the mystery of life and welcomes uncertainty, ambiguity, and change as necessary aspects of any creative endeavor.

Between World Views

The Mysterial Woman is able to bridge between the old worldview in which the majority of the world exists and the new worldview that she is here to bring. She is a kind of shape-shifter who can be in the world, but not of it. When you engage this quality of consciousness and courageously show up in the world, you are able to embrace a wide range of differences while maintaining a grounded connection to your own unique experience.

Development as a Way of Life

The Mysterial Woman knows that she is a “work in progress” and accepts failures and feedback as part of her ongoing learning adventure. Mysterial does not mean a fixed way of being or behaving. The capacities that arise when our Mysterial nature is unlocked are constantly expanding and growing to meet the needs of the moment.

Constancy in Authenticity

As present and genuine at a boardroom table as she is with the bus driver on her morning commute, she knows the power of a dynamic collective and takes the time and effort to tend to the energetic field of any group she is in. She is willing to be vulnerable and open in a quality of dynamic mutuality with others that naturally creates a trusting environment where everyone brings their best selves forward.

It is not a mistake that we are here now at this time on the planet. We are midwifing the next level of our potentiality as women and co-creating a new world.

— Suzanne Anderson

Power With Versus Power Over

The Mysterial Woman understands the current world pattern of “power over” and how to navigate through it, and yet is committed to a life of “power with and for” others. She knows that true wisdom is not something she can glean only with her rational mind, but rather is something that emerges when she is open at all levels—body, mind, heart and soul—so she can be fully present to all that streams through her.

Stillness & Action

The Mysterial Woman knows how to pace herself and others as she engages in her well-lived life. She values “being” as much as she does “doing,” stillness as much as action. She tunes herself to coherence, order, harmony, and beauty while recognizing and embracing the incomplete, chaotic, conflicted, and ugly dimensions of reality.

Relating to Mother Earth

The Mysterial Woman recognizes her relationship with Mother Earth, not just as a resource for her to use, but also as a dynamic partner with whom we are on this co-creative evolutionary journey. She tenderly cares for her and all her creatures just as she counts on her for the food, air, water, earth, and fire that she needs.


All of these next-level capacities are seeking to come online now as an evolutionary response to the complex challenges of today. Our programs are designed to accelerate the lived experience of this new way of being and doing. There is nothing more inspiring or more urgent than leaders who include the very best of the Masculine ways of thinking and moving through the world with the Deep Feminine – grounded and alchemical wisdom, love, and power.

Because truly, nothing less than our future is at stake.


Key Benefits

When a woman does the deep work of upgrading her inner operating system the benefits ripple through all domains of her life directly impacting how she lives, loves and leads.

A Container for Wellbeing

Establish a set of capacity-building leadership practices as the stable infrastructure encouraging development in all aspects of your life.


Learn how to see in the dark and be with difficult situations with an increased capacity to allow the change that is working its way through you.


Connect more fully with your purpose so that you can stand in your own true authority and joyfully follow your unique destiny out into the world.

Self Compassion

Rest into a deeper sense of sufficiency and kindness toward yourself that gives you the sustainable capacity to be there for others.


Live your life as a creative experiment, curious to see what you will invent and open to the adventure of dynamic mutuality with others.

Empowered Radiant Presence

Source your “doing” from the deep ground of your being, so that you do what is yours to do in a way that energizes you and inspires others.

Grounded Self-Confidence

Install a grounded sense of confidence in yourself so that you can weather the ups and downs of life and all its challenges while staying steady within.

Magnetic presence

Be more authentic and congruent with who you are and attract people and circumstances that are a better match for you and your potential.

Empowered Femininity

Cultivate the solid ground of your Feminine Being as a powerful vessel that can hold your fire and intensity as you bring your gifts into the world.

Our Proven Progam Curriculum

Our Programs combine academically sound, rigorous, research-based curriculum with the ageless wisdom traditions, somatic embodiment, the imaginal, and the deep practices of an urban mystery school. The Mysterial Sequence™ pathway provides the most efficient, critical path through the essential work needed to open up unprecedented levels of leadership.

Theory and Research

Combining stimulating theories from innovative thought leaders with our extensive experience and research in women’s leadership development our curriculum qualified for over a decade as a university-certificate program.

Healing Trauma

Using a groundbreaking pathway based on how women actually develop, to sequentially and in a very precise way heal the shadow wounds from earlier childhood, intergenerational and collective traumas.

Integral Approach

Drawing upon the extensive work of Integral practioners our comprehensive approach addresses all domains of a woman’s experience so that they can see both themselves and the world around them in a more complete way.


Guiding women to access ways of knowing that engage all three centers of intelligence—thinking (head), feeling (heart), and sensing (body)—so that they can bring a holistic understanding to life’s complex issues.

Ritual Process

Engaging the power of ritual to weave together conscious intentions and unconscious, embodied desires and align with energies and dimensions beyond the linear.

Beauty and Imagination

Engaging women’s sensing and feeling natures through beautiful materials, stimulating right brain processes, music and images to invite the power of the imaginal.