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Mysterial Team

Jamie Selby

Jamie Selby brings over 30 years’ professional experience in the non-profit, governmental, commercial and manufacturing sectors, with the last 8 years invested in high-tech healthcare and semiconductor industries. Her expertise encompasses business change management; personal and organizational transformation; and team performance/leadership development workshops, which she facilitates globally. In Spring of 2019, she exited corporate life and launched her consulting, training, and coaching practice, which is focused on activating the heart in business.

Ten + years’ training in Aikido and operating a martial arts school inform her work from a somatic perspective as well as entrepreneurially. Integrating all of this with her personal practices of HeartMath, meditation, journaling and the beauty way, Jamie brings her deep and compassionate heart to her coaching and facilitation. She will meet you where you are, guiding you in your Mysterial journey while elegantly holding the space into which your own transformation can take place.

On the personal side, Jamie is passionate about animal welfare, reading, gardening, bicycling and especially world travel, which she is fortunate to do frequently, both professionally and personally. She lives in The Netherlands with her husband Bijan.

Jamie has been involved with Suzanne’s work for 14+ years; first as student, and later program and business manager and faculty member. She loves working with women who are stepping into their greatness, bringing the fullness of their being to all they are doing, and is delighted to be a Certified Mysterial Coach in the 2019 Mysterial Leadership Depth program.

Jamie’s credentials and experience include:

  • Master of Arts, Communications – University of Washington
  • Certified Mysterial Coach, Mysterial Woman
  • Graduate of Newfield Network Europe coaching certification program
  • Certified Trainer for Heartmath Resilience Advantage® program
  • Certified Trainer for Heartmath Activating the Heart of Teams® program
  • Faculty member of Kore Evolution’s Mysterial Leadership Depth program
  • Associate Faculty of Kore Evolution’s Boeing Women’s Integral Leadership Circle, and
    Women’s Integral Leadership Opening programs
  • Alumna Mentor of Kore Evolution’s Women’s Integral Leadership Circle 7
  • Graduate of Kore Evolution’s Level 1 and Level 2 Women’s Integral Leadership university
    certificate programs
  • Graduate of Pacific Integral’s Generating Transformative Change university
    certificate program
  • Past-Chair of the Board – Women@ASML

Camille de Picot

Camille is a leadership coach, psychotherapist and facilitator with an earlier career in International Marketing based in Paris, Tokyo and Singapore. She has been facilitating trainings, conferences and one-to-one coaching on topics that include health & wellbeing, peak performance, emotional intelligence, resilience and leadership in organisations from the private, governmental and educational sectors.

Her work is informed by neuroscience, positive and developmental psychology, integral theory and she uses the enneagram as an assessment tool. Having studied across many disciplines and cultures, she offers a multidimensional approach specifically tailored and adapted to each client’s developmental needs.

She has been on a lifelong journey of better understanding herself and others while expanding her heart and mind. Over the years and more particularly through her mysterial journey, she has connected more deeply to the complexity of what it means to be a woman in all her strengths, passion, joy, sensuality, vulnerability and wisdom.

She has a profound desire to empower other women to live the life they choose, joyfully and passionately. She brings a compassionate heart as well as structures and processes to enable insight and understanding and facilitate integration of new ways of being.

She has a love for languages, beauty, art and travel. Originally from France, she has been living in Australia since 1998. She endeavours to walk her talk and practices a balanced lifestyle. She is as passionate about her own development as she is about supporting the development of those she works with.

Camille’s credentials and experience include:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Marketing Major, ESSEC Business School, Paris
  • Diploma in Transpersonal Studies, The Work Sanctuary, Singapore
  • Certificate in Nutrition, Health Schools Australia
  • Certified Integral Professional Coach, Integral Coaching Canada
  • Master of Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, Jansen Newman Institute, Sydney
  • Graduate Mysterial Leadership Depth (Level 1) and Emergence (Level 2) programs
  • Faculty for the Mysterial Leadership Depth & Emergence Program
  • Integrative Enneagram Certified Practitioner

Astrid van den Broek

Astrid brings over 20 years coaching and training experience in commercial, not for profit and governmental sectors, with the focus on high performancing teams, transformational development and conscious leadership. Mean area of expertise in knowledge intensive and/or highly regulated companies like IT, finance, insurances, food and pharma.

Her expertise encompasses talent development, high performance, transformational leadership, adult development, influence and impact, business coaching, and executive coaching. Astrid recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of her own training and coaching firm. At that time so also started as a senior HR manager for a big governmental organisation, leading a team of 15 professionals and coaching the board to align vision, strategy and tactics.

Bridging perceived polarities like business and spirituality, thinking and feeling, high performance and effortlessness, influence and integrity, impact and authenticity , results and relations, is what she is about. In the Mysterial Coaching Program, the Mysterial Leadership Depth Course, and the Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program, she has found the whole in which these qualities are addressed, upgraded, and becoming integrated.

With transformational deep change like she has never experienced before in all the years of being in coach trainings, she is awestruck at how solid, predictable, and well-guided the Mysterial programs and life-changing results are. Being part of the Mysterial work is a blessing and very aligned with her soul purpose. She also loves to help spread the mysterial work  into the world so more and more women will rise to become the leaders the world so much need. 

Living in the beautiful southern capital of the Netherlands, referred to as “Venice of the North,” Astrid lives with her two world-wise and awesome kids Jasper and Birgit. She is a big fan of bowspring yoga and loves going out with friends for a good movie and food, and has re-discovered her artistic passion and qualities in visual journaling, soul collaging, and making art out of furniture.

Astrid’s credentials and experience include:

  • Foodscience, Wageningen University
  • Train the Trainer, Post HBO, Communication, Karin de Galan Trainings Institute
  • Graduate of Newfield Ontological Master Coaching Certification Program
  • Certified Presentation Master at Presentation Masters
  • Co-active coaching, Practitioner, Coaches Training Institute
  • Co-active coaching, Intermediate, Coaches Training Institute
  • Provocative Coaching, IEP
  • Breakthrough to success, Open Circles
  • Life Skills University, Open Circles
  • Me.Talent level 4 Assessor, True Talent Team
  • IEMT advanced level, Andrew Austin
  • Metaphors of Movement, level 3  Andrew Austin
  • Graduate of Mysterial Leadership Depth (Level 1) and Emergence (Level 2) programs
  • Human Design, basic level, Jovian Archive
  • Faculty member, assisting at the Mysterial Leadership Depth Program

Christine Walsh

Christine Walsh is a money strategist and CFO to women owned businesses who are blazing new trails in the leadership space.

Christine excels at combining her savvy Wall Street investment banking experience, where she grew to SVP of a boutique investment firm, with her 15 years of small business accounting, finance, and operations expertise, while utilizing her transforming coaching approach to money and business.
This combination is what differentiates Christine from other CFO’s and is an asset to businesses using a 360 degree view of their finances. This perspective increases revenue and profitability, optimize business finances and helps navigate financial roadblocks ahead of time, so business owners can uncover more wealth, more freedom, and step into their true potential as a visionary CEO.

She helps entrepreneurs take the overwhelming task of managing their money out of their hands and into the hands of a trusted advisor, partner, expert coach, and financial confidant so a CEO can focus on what she does best. Lead her business.

Christine has been part of the our Mysterial movement as Chief Financial Officer for Mysterial Woman for the past 3 years. Supporting women self-sourcing their own inherent power, abundance, and wisdom is at the heart of why she believes wholeheartedly in this work and its potent ripple effect out in to the world