My work is dedicated to supporting women in the awakening of their Mysterial potential and urging them to the edge of their own evolution. I’m so thrilled you’ve taken this first step to awaken your own.

In this video I explain how we discovered through 15 years of research in our University Women’s Leadership Programs, the 5 core Limiting Beliefs that have been holding women back from their full potential, the 5 archetypes they are associated with, and a powerfully healing practice…

Be sure to download the PDFs below and watch the full video to be guided through the Self-Compassion practice to help you begin living a happier, more connected, more creative life.

Sending my love,

Suzanne Anderson


Download the Liberating Beliefs PDF

Download the Self-Compassion Practice



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Ready to go deeper?
The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Course

Combining an academically sound, research-based curriculum with ageless wisdom, the arts, and deep practice, this course is essentially an Urban Mystery School—taking women to places they’ve never been before. The course is designed to help you unhook from the homeostasis-seeking function of the psyche, whose job it is to keep you stable and not change.

We create the ideal conditions for your growth - so your next level of wholeness can naturally emerge - your innate Mysterial potential.



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