Relationship as a Vessel for Transformation

Exploring the Evolutionary Arc

90-minutes with two evolutionary leaders, to upgrade your view on the challenges of intimate relationships.

The Conundrum

Why can’t we follow through on those things that matter so deeply to us? The changes we want to make in our lives, the weight we want to lose, the addictive patterns we want to release, the job we want to shift, the negative relationship patterns that just keep repeating themselves.

Our unconscious habits, routines, beliefs, familiar (and therefore comfortable) patterns of relationship all reveal themselves once we have established an intention to insert some new behavior or routine.

What does Resistance Look like?

Resistance can show up in many forms - maybe you can recall a recent experience of one or more of these examples?...

  • scheduling conflicts
  • not enough time
  • logistical challenges
  • needing to fulfill the expectations of others
  • feelings of guilt about what else we ‘should’ be doing
  • anger at the program for requiring this of you
  • exhaustion and illness
  • and a long list of other justifications for maintaining the status quo

You will no doubt recognize your Core Sabotaging Pattern emerging and the powerful gravitational pull of your Competing Commitment that lies just under the surface.

Reframing Resistance

It is important not to view the occurrence of resistance with impatience or judgment as though it were a ‘willful act’ that belies a ‘lack of commitment’.  

Resistance is the means by which our psyche and soma seeks to preserve stability and homeostasis.

In this sense, we can say that resistance is expected, it is evidence of a prevailing structure of life or way of being that has served a purpose...but now no longer serves our new intended purpose.  

It is also necessary: the form our resistance takes gives us information about what we actually need to address in order for lasting change to occur.

Resistance is not the thing you have to conquer in order to make changes


Rather, it is a sign that the changes coming are directly challenging your ego’s status quo. In that sense it is an early warning signal that you are moving in the right direction.
So we say – welcome resistance! Welcome discomfort!

Easier said than done?

Once the forces of transformation are set in motion you can rest assured that the equal and opposite force of resistance will arise. A deep desire to change the current experience automatically activates the homeostatic-seeking function of the psyche. Resistance kicks in to make sure things don’t destabilize.

What if you could honor this protective function, and wisely move beyond the circling pools of resistance and avoidance?

You can discover the life that is currently trying to get your attention that you keep pushing down or aside.


In this Masterclass, here is what we will do together:

mother (1).jpg
  • Understand and normalize the psychological structure of resistance and its role in the change process
  • Recognize how deeply you have internalized these patterns that are causing you suffering and recreating the same problems and patterns no matter how hard you try to change

  • Wake up to your own patterns of resistance

  • Learn how to work with your resistance to liberate your deepest desires

  • Learn some basic practices to get unstuck

The Way of the Mysterial Woman

I believe that women are in the midst of a profound rite of passage. Evolution seems to be urging us forward, demanding that we meet the immediate pressure for a planetary rebalancing of the prevailing Hypermasculine essence with the full complexity of our mature Feminine essence. This deep impulse is the stimulus of much of the inner discontent, yearning, confusion, pain, and depression experienced by women.


A new world, and our new identity as women leaders, is seeking birth.

And that birth requires a new source code, a fundamental set of updated inner instructions for growth - this is The Way of the Mysterial Woman.

You can think of the Mysterial Woman as someone who is running on an upgraded personal operating system. Her upgrade gives her access to the higher capacities required to meet the evolutionary challenges upon us. This inner template allows her to live in the eye of the current storm—at peace with whatever comes her way, skillfully unfolding a life that is accomplished, creative, and beneficial to all.

The Mysterial Woman is grounded in a different kind of consciousness - literally embodying a future that is not yet shared by the masses. And because it is consciousness, individual and collective, that shapes our worldview, she can begin to create a different reality here in the present.


This Masterclass has been postponed.

Likely to August 2018.
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If you can’t make it live, don’t worry - we’ll send you the recording afterwards. All sales are non-refundable.

Once you’re in our online meeting, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A quiet space, free of multi-tasking, to devote your attention to the experience

  • Something to take notes on

  • A headset to avoid echos during the breakouts (ideal, but not required)



From a previous Masterclass participant:
"This is a love note / fan mail for you, written on a Sunday morning from the beauty of Western Colorado, and my heart.  A sister emerging Mysterial and I just watched the replay of the Masterclass; it was brilliant. We watched together as we had our morning tea, pausing to converse and do the work together. She was brought to tears several times as your images and languaging gave voice to her longings and experience.

Meanwhile I was leaning in, and having my own growing experience of the frameworks and the archetypes.  I have a quick and lustful mind; and I'm a late bloomer when it comes to actionable integration.  So the more I listen and experience the material, the better.

I love what you are giving voice to.  And how you are presenting it; the images and authenticity of expression / instruction are deeply catalyzing for me. Gratitude and Love."  -  Sarah Hutchinson


Is it still worth the investment if I can’t be on the live Masterclass? ...

Yes! You will receive an audio and video recording of the Masterclass. Suzanne’s transmissions are powerful and effective long after they are delivered.

Is this intended for women who are new to Suzanne’s work? ...

All are welcome, whether you’ve studied with Suzanne in the past or not. There will be nuggets for everyone.

Do I need to have read the book ‘The Way of the Mysterial Woman’ for this Masterclass to be effective? ...

No. Suzanne may reference the book, as it is a huge resource for women, however you will not be ‘behind’ or ‘out of the loop’ if you have yet to read it.

How does this Masterclass fit with Suzanne’s other programs - the Essentials course, Facilitator’s Track, and Depth Program?...

This Masterclass is great for you if you want to dip your toe into this work, to inform future participation in Suzanne’s other programs. It is also a great fit if you have read the book or studied with Suzanne in the past, and want reminders of how to implement your learning. Additionally, it is also for you if you are in one of Suzanne’s programs and are interested in further exploration of this particular topic.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The Masterclass will be recorded and both the video and audio versions will be made available to current and future registrants. If you share something in the whole-group that you feel is too personal to be included in the recording, we will edit it out of the recording if you make your request within two hours after the live session to The small group breakouts are not recorded.

Our courses and events are a safe and confidential place to do deep work of a very personal nature. All participants agree to hold in strict confidence the personal work with each other. Only the first names of participants will be used, we recommend you do the same.