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Take the First Step onto the Mysterial Leadership Pathway and Create a Long-Lasting Resilience Container

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Based on the Triple-Award-Winning Book

The most important book for women’s well-being and empowerment since The Feminine Mystique woke up housewives across the country back in the 1950’s… listen up, ladies you HAVE GOT TO READ THIS BOOK.

Sarah Cottrell, Huffington Post

I believe that women are uniquely poised to play a pivotal role as agents of creative change in this turbulent time on our planet. But in order to be a match for these complex times, women need a new way of being that brings together all of our Feminine and Masculine strengths into more conscious, connected, and creative ways of acting. A way of being that is at ease with the unknown — The Mystery — and that can bridge between differences with grounded presence — a Medial way of being. This woman who is emerging now in the present is here to guide the future using her upgraded inner operating system. She is a Mysterial Woman.

Suzanne Anderson

Do any of these feel familiar?

  • In the midst of our current chaos and uncertainty, you feel like you have lost your sense of purpose and direction.
  • You wonder where your playful spirit went and how life became such hard work. (It used to be fun, right?)
  • You long for relationships where you can feel met and received for all of who YOU are.
  • You’re often overwhelmed by everything (and everyone) you are responsible for… having nothing left for yourself at the end of the day (and you’re exhausted).
  • You regularly experience anxiety or depression on some level, even though anyone looking in would say you “have it all” or that you seem “happy and fulfilled.”
  • You’ve achieved your career goals, but feel unsatisfied in your work.
  • You’ve had that nagging feeling that’s something’s missing, that you should be “doing more” in the world by sharing your unique gifts… but have no idea where to start or how to make a contribution.
  • You often feel alone or alienated by what you see in the world because your opinions differ from that of the mainstream and you’re afraid to share what you see with others.
  • You want to be an inspiring role model for your daughter/son or leave a legacy for future generations… but are wondering how to do that since life has become about surviving rather than thriving.

If so, you are not alone.

This is definitely a pathway to finding more joy,
more vibrancy, and aliveness.

Kim C.Mysterial Woman program graduate

What is the Mysterial Resilience Essentials Program?

As women, we have a distinct tendency to overextend ourselves — oftentimes solely relying on adrenaline and caffeine to keep us going. We are all taught to keep working harder to become a super woman — advance at work, be a better mother, try a new relationship, a new diet, a new mantra, etc. But there is a deep feeling of misalignment within us that just doesn’t go away. It is as though we keep trying to add new software to an outdated inner operating system in the hopes that we will feel better, yet the system keeps crashing. And in this moment of great unrest, when we find ourselves in the midst of worldwide disruption and turmoil, we’re stretched even further… possibly to our breaking points.

How do we…

  • Manage our lives and all we are responsible for when our very foundations are being shaken with such force that it’s creating change from both the outside-in AND the inside-out?
  • Look at all that has been unearthed in these unravelling times – systemic racism and social inequity, misogyny, economic meltdown, climate crisis, etc. – in a way that does not overwhelm us, shut us down, or escalate situations?
  • Manage the stress of constant change and uncertainty, personally and globally, while creating a grounded presence so that we can handle anything that comes at us?

For over two decades I have been on a journey to find a developmental pathway specifically for women that could liberate our Mysterial potential for a profound new level of wisdom, love, and power. We’ve not only found that pathway, but we’ve also defined each step of the path and how women today can initiate this sequence of transformation in their lives.

This map of women’s development brings you step-by-step through the fundamental archetypes that make up human consciousness, integrating the parts of yourself that have been left out or stalled. And because The Mysterial Sequence follows the archetypal unfolding of women’s unique development, it is equally powerful whether you are just beginning your self-exploration or are a long-time learner. Everyone will drop in at the level that is aligned with their own unique needs.

And this is exactly what is most needed in this time on our planet — the courage and commitment, resilience and grace to lead in an entirely new, embodied, integral… Mysterial way — a way that includes all of who you are.

Program Sessions

Mysterial Resilience Essentials will give you the practical applications and practices around the five archetypes of the Mysterial Pathway:

The Mother, Hero, Father, Maiden, and Crone

  • You will spend a powerful 14 days and two sessions with each archetypal energy. During this time you will have one group session with Suzanne and one group learning session with our certified Mysterial Coaches. You will also have three integration weeks without classes to help you to merge and embody the archetypes, to experience and feel the forces of these Feminine and Masculine energies moving together.
  • For each of the archetypes, you will learn two core practices intended to help you cultivate resilience. One practice will be designed to help you release the outdated, habitual patterns around the archetypes, and the other will be designed to help you build the capacity and resilience to access them in healthy, productive, and freeing ways… practices that will help you live with more ease, more energy, and more resilience.
  • ​The facilitated small group learning and participation in Mysterial Leadership Essentials is geared toward real-life application. This is not a program with a lot of heavy coursework or to-do lists (we know you have enough of those lists already).
  • ​Mysterial Resilience Essentials will help you build a resilience container and establish practices that enable you to grab hold of the life you know is awaiting you, if only you could find the time to take a breath and reach out to it. This course is intended to give you the time (and the tools) to take that breath.

In This Program You Will

  • Recognize your own life’s journey within a larger evolutionary unfolding, enabling you to see that you are a part of the leading edge of this story, and that there are other women on this path with you.
  • Awaken the 5 key archetypal energies that are needed to cultivate resilience as an ongoing way of being in the midst of these demanding times.
  • Connect with your deepest desires and begin to follow the thread of your own passion and purpose into expression.
  • ​Rest into a deeper sense of sufficiency and kindness toward yourself — knowing that your being and body have value and that you have a natural urge to nourish yourself from a loving place.
  • ​Learn how to be with what is and begin to turn toward the feelings that you have been unwilling to feel.
  • ​Discover how resistance to change shows up in your life and how you can effectively work with it, rather than be stopped by it.
  • ​Develop your own set of doable and viable practices that will allow you to carry your resilience forward after the program has ended.
  • ​Engage the power of ritual to bridge between the unconscious and the conscious mind.

What’s Included in This Program


2-hour Opening and Closing Retreats to build the collective community and set the stage for the weeks to follow

These retreats will allow us all to connect at both the beginning and closing of our journey in a collaborative, co-creative environment. Our virtual opening retreat will be an opportunity for women to meet one another and for us to ignite our collective field as emerging Mysterials. Our closing retreat will be a culmination of our work together over our 15 weeks as a dynamic, transformational community.


Short Educational Videos on each of the five Mysterial archetypes as we move through the program

In addition to our live sessions together throughout this program, you will get to explore the five archetypes through educational videos taught by Suzanne. These will help to deepen your knowledge as we seek to ignite these primary energetic gateways.


5 LIVE 90-minute sessions with Suzanne

The focus of these highly-interactive facilitated sessions is deeper sharing, learning in community, and cultivating practice with focused intention. Although they will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, it is highly recommended that you try to be present.


5 LIVE 90 minute sessions with Mysterial Coaches Jamie Selby and Astrid van den Broek and our Mysterial Mentors

These facilitated sessions are for deeper sharing and learning in community, and cultivating practice with focused intention. These sessions will be highly interactive and although the sessions will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, it is highly recommended that you plan to be present.


Resilience Curriculum

Our intensive program curriculum, distilled through 15 years of research, engages the catalytic processes for profound and accelerated growth. This work is set apart by a comprehensive, groundbreaking, and proven pathway to cultivating women’s resilience.


Access to a Private Online Community

Our private group on the Mighty Networks online platform, will be an important element of the learning journey in which you will be supported, encouraged, and challenged to grow in ways that would not occur on your own. We are proud to be working with Mighty Networks, a woman-owned company that is changing the face of online communities.


Resilience Rituals

You will learn to work with the language of ritual to engage the potency of the unconscious as you awaken each of the 5 archetypal energies in The Mysterial Sequence.


Resilience Practices

You will spend each month working with very targeted practices that easily integrate into your daily routine and are designed to have the biggest impact with minimum effort. These practices will provide the foundation for maintaining resilience when the program is complete.

More details about dates for each of the sessions and information about the faculty team will be added once we open enrollment of this program.

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