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There is something so stunning about how the fullness of new life is held packed tight inside a seed until the moment is just right to unfurl itself into the world. This time of the year in the Pacific Northwest is an eruption of lime green, bold colors, luscious scent and beauty, as spring plants emerges after the dormant winter. I particularly love watching the ferns in my backyard do their elegant opening.

What is brewing down in the innermost chambers of your heart just waiting to unfurl itself? You might even think of it this way – imagine that you are standing on the edge of your lineage, a Mysterial woman bringing profound new ways of being into expression in the world. What might future generations be thankful for you giving birth to in these ‘tipping point’ times? 

I would like to offer you a new way to unfold the future that is not coded by the hypermasculine limiting belief of ‘I have to do to be of value’. This outdated code deep down in our unconscious arises from a sense that we are fundamentally ‘not enough’ and that we have to prove our value by pushing things into form as fast as possible. Bigger, better, faster is the mainstream mantra. 

But there is another way – a creative process that, just like nature, honors the Feminine seed phase of the cycle first with Stillness. It is here that we nourish the soil of potentiality, discern what might be trying to come into form and let our dreams and imagination carry us along new pathways. This is where we give ourselves permission to not know, to let our deepest desires gather in the belly and the heart before exploding with an idea in the mind. This is where we rest back, trust the process and allow the conditions for our emergence to ripen. 

“ What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?”
~ David Whyte 

From Stillness the cycle moves to Connection. Again there is no direct action or pushing forward. In this phase you are letting the tendrils of the impulse inside begin to mix with the world beyond you – those who might be involved, the timing of factors, the signs and signals from the universe. This is where you presence what might be possible, where you send your call into the world and see who responds. This is where your seedling impulse comes into the collective field and starts to shift and change in that space of ‘interbeing’. 

And when the web of connection has been well woven, the next phase of Action naturally wants to arise from this ground of being. And this action is more like ‘effortless effort’ than pushing the rock up the hill like Sisyphus. This is where you bring your focused capacity to dynamically manifest in form what has been brewing underground. This is the phase of the cycle that reveals to your often surprised eyes the true beauty and wonder of the initial creative impulse.

The final phase of the Creative Process, like the first phase of Stillness, is often forgotten as well. It is Release. After you have moved your impulse into the best possible actions in the moment you must release them into the field of all possibilities. This is where you let go of attachment to outcome and let the potential future meet you. This is where you celebrate your accomplishment and surrender back again into Stillness. 

So what is stirring in the fertile, loamy soil of your being these days? What is the shape of the longing that is tugging at your heart? What might be trying to get your attention? From an astrological point of view (Mercury stations retrograde, Jupiter moves into Aries and we have the upcoming lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15th just for starters) this is a very good to tune into what your heart desires and while staying in Stillness and Connection feel the potential for inspired action in the future. 

My Mysterial Creative Process 

For the last few months, I have been in a Stillness phase relative to the future – waiting, watching and discerning where our Mysterial Murmuration wants to move next. I have completed the draft manuscript of my second book – You Make Your Path by Walking: A Transformational Field Guide Through Trauma and Loss and I am moving forward to publish with SheWritesPress who published The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love and Lead. The publication date is June 13th, 2023 – still a ways off but it is exciting to have a birth date on the calendar now! Please mark it on yours too! 

Our transformational 15-month program Mysterial Leadership Emergence Program is now midway through The Mysterial Sequence. For those who are new to our work, this is our R-evolutionary developmental path for women that activates all of our Feminine and Masculine essences along an archetypal pathway – Mother, Hero, Father, Maiden and Crone. (Start here with the Mother Wound to learn more about the Mysterial Sequence.) Our courageous and committed cohort of women have just moved through the deep shadow work of The Mother and Hero archetypes to claim Empowered Radiant Presence and are working now with The Father archetype to take their sovereign seat in True Authority. 

The seed that I have been tending for some time now in our Murmuration is the creation of a more dynamic and engaged community space. For the past 4 years we have had a FB group as our community space and it has grown organically to be a substantial community of over 4000 members. And while I am grateful for what we have been able to create on this platform, we are ready to create an ad-free space (where we are not being marketed to through random algorithms) that can be a kind of Mysterial Sanctuary for our Murmuration.

A place where you can connect more directly with other women aligned with our Murmuration. A sacred place where you can go to be nourished in the middle of the day, listen to a poem, or a soothing piece of music, read an inspiring post or share one for others, learn and grow together into the women that future generations will be grateful for – community of like-minded women who are committed to being Mysterial agents of change in these difficult times on the planet. 

We are needed and we will need each other. 

For the past 3 years, I have been using a beautiful platform for our programs created by women, called Mighty Networks. This is the community space we will be transitioning to from our FB group. We are in the process now of designing it so stayed tuned for more updates. 

I look forward to being with you in more intimate and connected ways as we dynamically steer through the turbulent waters of these times. 

This is the second of a five part series on The Mysterial Sequence. To receive insight and support, join us here.

For several decades, my work has been dedicated to the awakening of women and of their leadership capacities.  Through my University Women’s Leadership Development Programs, we were able to decode a developmental pathway that unlocked ‘evolutionary capacities’ in women, empowering them to be a match for these complex times!

We called this developmental path ‘The Mysterial Sequence’ and I’m honored to be giving you a glimpse of it in this 5-part series. For those who are ready to unlock the fullness of their brilliance, I offer my renowned global online course Mysterial Resilience Essentials.

If you’re just joining us, I highly recommend you begin with the first gate in The Mysterial Sequence: The Mother Wound. In our research with hundreds of women, none of the five gates arose in isolation—there was always a critical relationship between the Feminine/Yin essence and the Masculine/Yang essence. The Mother gate is where we land in the sufficiency of our being and relax into who we are. We overcome the limiting core belief ‘I am not enough’ and grow into the liberating belief ‘I am enough just as I am’. It is from this grounded place that we can then source our most creative actions in the second gate: The Hero.

The Hero

The Hero energy in women typically arises between the ages of 8 and 10, often before we receive too many messages from our culture about what we should and shouldn’t do as women. Before we are held back through these limitations, we tend to have a lot of energy and desire to express ourselves in specific ways which are unique to our individual gifts. But what happens to that natural impulse for creative self expression?

Why does it matter?

The Hero energy allows us to be a dance partner with the world! For over 5,000 years we have been in a paradigm of hyper-masculine culture with tremendous Hero energy. That was not wrong…it was evolutions way of moving the human species forward. But at this point in the global story, in the absence of a relationship to the deep ground of our Feminine being, that Heroic energy often burns too hot. We need to learn to harness this energy In order to engage in the world and make our creative contribution without burning out. We need to have the heroic courage to claim what is ours to do and then act on it.

The Hero energy is the aspect of our nature that helps us to:
  • set and achieve goals and objectives
  • hold an intention and a desire
  • see a clear way ahead and move toward it
  • say “No” and draw boundaries (in order to cultivate and say “Yes” to higher priorities and values that we hold dear in the deep ground of our individual being – related to The Mother gate)
  • take risks: moving towards the edge and leaping into the unknown
  • differentiate from others
  • know when to pulse into action and when to be still

By first healing The Mother wound (our sense that we are enough just as we are) and then The Hero wound, we have access to the Yang energy and clearly know and can act on what is ours to do.

The Shadow Root of The Hero

Within the collective unconscious resides the limiting belief of The Hero gate:

The limiting belief of The Hero

“I have to do to be of value.”

This imbalance, or shadow representation of The Hero often expresses in these ways:
  • Workaholic bravado
  • Over-doing – valuing of doing over being
  • Not being able to accomplish things, having an attitude of “I give up”
  • Capitulation “I’m not even going to try”
  • “I have no idea where to focus, or what is mine to do”

When the shadow work is done in The Hero gate, the liberating belief arises as an embodied reality:

The liberating belief of The Hero

“I am empowered to do what is mine to do.”

In contrast to the deep resting of the first Mother gate, The Hero energy is how we move forward in the world. When we embrace the relationship between these two gates, the previous battle between being and becoming is allowed to integrate so it is no longer a polarity that cannot be resolved. Both are held as healthy and necessary; ‘supportive of’ vs. ‘in competition’ with each other.

The healthy Mother and Hero Archetypes often express in our lives so that we are:

  • connected to the deep ground of our being
  • sourcing our doing from that deep ground
  • connected to our unique purpose
  • aware of what is ours to do
  • not over-doing but also not being afraid to do

An Invitation

I invite you to take in these words from the poet Rumi, to inspire the healing of your Hero wound:

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

As always, thank you for exploring with me.  I invite you to explore the next gate in The Mysterial Sequence: The Father Wound.