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The Alchemical Fire of Loss

In this interview I share what happened to me on January 3 of 2013. When I had just finished my first book, and was working with a publisher to bring into the world, I came home to find that my beloved husband had committed suicide…
September 25, 2019

The (Integral) Feminine Re-Awakening

I am excited to share this podcast! In 2018 I was invited to participate as a presenter at the FemmeQ Summit in LA. The conference was uniquely designed to bring together both male and female speakers to run workshops and be on panels. I had the pleasure of co-facilitating a workshop and being on a panel with Robert Schwenkler…
April 23, 2019

The Evolution of the Feminine and Masculine

Last month I had a substantial conversation with with Runa Magnus of the podcast The Change Makers! It was a real pleasure to engage with her around why it is important for those of us who want to make a difference in the world to be running on an 'inner operating system' that is up to the complexities of the world…
October 24, 2018

Reignite Your Purpose

My conversation with Sheila Sutherland of Reignite Your Purpose spanned many topics including how women in business who are using the traditional masculine leadership style are 'burning out' at alarming rates…
May 29, 2018

My Grief Out Loud, Five Years Later

I recently talked with Jana DeCristofaro on the Grief Out Loud podcast about my story of surviving the loss of my husband. In my interview, I discuss the "shame swamp" that surrounds those who are connected to someone who commits suicide and the process of falling apart before you can fall together again. I hope you will take a few…
April 23, 2018

Evolution is calling us forth

There’s a shakeup going on for women right now. We, as women, are on the edge of evolution. We are bringing in a new wave of development. We're giving birth to this new level of our potentiality, and it’s shaking up all of the old structures. 
April 18, 2018

Women Taking the Lead

I recently had the pleasure of joining life coach and colleague Jodi Flynn on her show Women Taking the Lead. She has created a uniquely engaging format in her conversations, where she asks her guests to not only speak about their professional expertise but to also speak candidly about humble beginnings and how we played small at some point...
December 5, 2017