Larisa Benson

"My own experience of daily life turned on - like going from black and white TV to color - and it felt awesome."

- Larisa Benson


Larisa had read all the leadership books, and was working very hard to be a very good leader. She would go home at the end of each work day to a vibrant family life, giving all she could. Finding herself exhausted and not yet recognizing the signs of cortisol overload, she knew she needed to practice self-care but was still at the bottom of her own list each day.

Just before she cracked from the pressure of being awesome for everyone else, she was drawn into the Mysterial Woman community. She received the combined presence of the women in the global online communty and Suzanne's guidance through the Mysterial code. These keys unlocked her from the traps she'd been in. Still with the same amount of success in life, her experience of it all shifted immensely.

Susan Lucci

"Touching deep truths that you know in your soul..."

-Susan Lucci, Chicago - Facilitator, Circle Tender, Purpose Guide™,
Agent of Conscious Evolution,

As a two-time graduate of the Mysterial Leadership Essentials online course, Susan has found a deep resonance in herself and with the teachings. Practicing the Katas (simple yet powerful movements taught in the course) helped her to deepen an awakening of the five Archetypal gates that women develop through. 

She found that the Essentials course fed her voracious hunger to become more in the world, and to connect with other women 'at the frothy edge of evolution'! Susan shares her perspective of Suzanne's online teaching, and how it supported her transitioning from the busyness of life into the live sessions.

Jolina Karen

"I'm on the right track, and I'm not alone..."

- Jolina Karen, Colorado - Healer, Teacher, Coach -

In her quest to discover powerful, integrated female leaders to support and inspire her work, Jolina found herself captivated by Suzanne's take on the "new world" - the emergence of the Divine Feminine way of being, living, loving, and leading. 

Practicing the Katas (simple yet powerful movements taught in the Essentials course as part of the embodiment of each of the five main gateways or Archetypes) has transformed Jolina's awareness of her body, as well. 

Kim Carpenter

"I wanted to nurture my feminine soul..."

-Kim Carpenter, Executive Coach and Marketing Consultant,

After experiencing overwhelm, exhaustion from overworking, and a lost passion for life, Kim gave herself time to rest and fill her well. It was during a much-needed sabbatical in Bali that she explored the Mysterial Way, finding comfort in the container that "held" her in this new and unfamiliar landscape. 

Among the many components of the Essentials course that supported Kim, she mentions the Katas, which are simple yet powerful movements that help to embody each of the five main gateways. Kim found that deepening into the archetypes has given her a "full tank," more spaciousness, meaning, and fulfillment through her life coaching and work with social entrepreneurs.

Faith Trimble

"If you’re just bursting and it doesn’t feel like anyone is listening, this is the course for you."

             -Faith Trimble, CEO of The Athena Group -

After a tragic car accident that took the life of her brother and badly wounded herself and her father, Faith asked, "What is the purpose of life? Why am I here?" On her journey to answer these questions, Faith immersed herself in the Mysterial Essentials course. The Katas (simple yet powerful movements that help to embody each of the five main Archetypes), fieldwork, live sessions and more brought action into Faith's life, helping to fill in the pieces that have been missing in female leadership.

Rather than succumb to overwhelm, depression, and helplessness when faced with difficult situations, Faith now asks the universe, "How may I grow from this?"

Victoria Baker

"I felt a cascading effect...the soul-economy you feel when you're in alignment with the universe."

As an educator and caretaker, Victoria embodied a nurturing role in her career, yet realized that she wasn’t providing for herself what she gave to others. She sought to create integrity between her personal and professional life.

Although central in many activities and a leader in her community, she felt more of an observer in life, on the periphery, apart from and not engaged in the meaningful work she was putting out into the world. She wanted to be present in her life, instead of having things pass by in a hectic blur while she stood on the outside, looking in. Victoria realized that the healing modalities she was using were actually more rope to hang herself with, instead of deep change she could sustain.

Her focus on her life, children, work and marriage reoriented entirely. The community and Mysterial Sequence was deeply impactful for Victoria to make the shifts she needed. Slowing down and focusing on the important moments in life, being present and controlling her “what’s next" was an important life shift for Victoria. 

Nota Lucas

"When I stepped into the work, I wasn't thinking about my own development, I was suffering... I felt disconnected from my life - totally functional but empty - bottoming out."


During a life transition which included divorce, Nota felt disconnected from her life and needed to direct love and attention to herself. Through her work with Suzanne, the things she had been papering over, came to the surfaced. The end result was finding her ground, her passion, her calling and a better state of being.

Arlene Fairfield

"Once I had more connection with my inner self, I was able to make decisions that I didn't know needed to be made."


Arlene came from a corporate background and expected the program to be another drill in learning new leadership skills, but instead she experienced a life changing journey. She found herself realizing her life’s values, desires and inner knowing was not only suppressed inside, but it was incongruent with how she was living her life, and who she was to the world.

It was a journey Arlene likens to river rafting where you are thrown into the tumultuous waters, tossed around, trying to come up for air, then seeing the light... through that she unearthed her inner self and truths that had been blocked for so long. Arlene wanted to show up differently for her daughter and relationships, and thus made profound shifts in her life to reveal her true identity and a career that aligned with her values. 

Elizabeth Friesen

"The most valuable thing I learned is to be in my own body…learning to be comfortable with my authentic being."


Elizabeth joined the Depth program in the midst of leaving a 32 year career. She recognized undesirable habits were engrained from her roles in this long career, and were not serving her anymore.

Elizabeth embarked on a journey to discover her authentic self in this transformative time. She learned to be comfortable with the unknowns and listen to the wisdom her body was offering her. She shifted her worth and identity away from her career, allowing her true self to flourish in love and purpose.

Meghann McNiff

"We are needed - and this way of being, our Mysterial leadership, is needed"


Meghann worked in Afghanistan and Anglophone Africa for nearly a decade. She was deeply committed to preventing women from dying in childbirth. And although her cause was good and important, the ways she was going about her work wasn't adding to the peace she so deeply longed for - for herself or others. She was totally burned out, and her own deep longing for home and family was pulling her in one direction, while her drive to serve rural communities living in fragile states was pulling her in another. She could see that her current way of being wasn’t sustainable, and yet she did't know another way - or how to live into it. 

Meghann found the Mysterial Leadership Depth program at this pivotal transition in her life, and took the deep dive within herself to uncover the sustainable, graceful, and nourishing ways of being that she was looking for - ways that truly add wisdom, love and grace to the world. She is committed to this work, and proud to be a faculty coach in Depth program, because she believes the world needs each of us to show up with our full and unique expression of leadership.