"We are needed - and this way of being, our Mysterial leadership, is needed."


Meghann worked in Afghanistan and Anglophone Africa for nearly a decade. She was deeply committed to preventing women from dying in childbirth. And although her cause was good and important, the ways she was going about her work wasn't adding to the peace she so deeply longed for - for herself or others. She was totally burned out, and her own deep longing for home and family was pulling her in one direction, while her drive to serve rural communities living in fragile states was pulling her in another. She could see that her current way of being wasn’t sustainable, and yet she did't know another way - or how to live into it. 

Meghann found the Mysterial Leadership Depth program at this pivotal transition in her life, and took the deep dive within herself to uncover the sustainable, graceful, and nourishing ways of being that she was looking for - ways that truly add wisdom, love and grace to the world. She is committed to this work, and proud to be a faculty coach in Depth program, because she believes the world needs each of us to show up with our full and unique expression of leadership. 

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