A Vast Shift

“There was a vastness to the shift that occurred in my life.”


“I was going through a dark night of the soul at the time - I felt confused and I was looking for some way of figuring things out and making some changes. Suzanne’s program includes a beautifully-held container, tools, and methodology that enabled insight, awareness, and deep change to occur.

I found what I now think of as my essential, deep self. I learned to feel myself, to befriend myself, and I began to learn what it means to live an authentic life. This program has enabled me to find my own calling, as well as the open-hearted desire to connect with others who care about what is happening in this evolutionary moment.

I will always be grateful for our paths crossing, because what I found was like going from the black and white of Kansas to the living color of Oz - only Oz is real and everything is possible.”

—Nota Lucas, Personal Development Coach

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