Many years ago I was given a vision of 144,000 women moving as one healing force on the planet. Inspired by starlings, who flock together in one of nature's most impressive displays of synergy— today I see this movement as a Mysterial Murmuration - conscious, committed and courageous women with extraordinary leadership capacity as agents of positive change shaping a world that works for all beings.

In the 1980s, biologist Rupert Sheldrake made the startling proposal that the particular forms that living things take are shaped across space and time by "morphic fields." A new morphic field for Mysterial Women has come into existence, which means that from now on, it will become easier and faster for women around the world to embody these capacities.

We see it as our responsibility to encourage and invite women to begin to participate in building and strengthening this Mysterial field - this Mysterial Murmuration, because it is the collective updraft of transformation that will accelerate the process.

As more women come into their own Mysterial nature, the collective field will build in strength and coherence, which will have an amplifying effect, making it easier for future generations of Mysterials to develop.

The awakening of a woman's Mysterial nature is a momentous personal event that will irrevocably change her life and those she influences. The Mysterial Woman is quietly, organically coming forth around the world. It's her time. We are inviting you to consciously join with like-minded others, to participate in the earliest stirrings of something profound and historically significant.

The evolutionary momentum is urging us to grow into our full potential and while we need to do that ourselves, we do not need to do it alone.