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Change Agent

Unfurl the Future

There is something so stunning about how the fullness of new life is held packed tight inside a seed until the moment is just right to unfurl itself into the world. This time of the year in the Pacific Northwest is an e...
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Tending the Field

“I have come into the world to see this, the swords drop from man’s hands, even at the top of their arc of anger, because we have finally realized that there is just one flesh that we can wound.” ~...
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Transform Fear into Freedom

“The only way to ease our fear and be truly happy is to acknowledge our fear and look deeply at its source. Instead of trying to escape from our fear, we can invite it up to our awareness and look at it clearly and de...
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Are You an Agent of Creative Change?

Women have the tremendous opportunity to become agents of creative change in the face of the uncertain and unknown realities of the world today. While the leadership challenges today are enormous it is this very...
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Become the Woman Today That Future Generations Will Be Thankful For Tomorrow.

Listen carefully and perhaps you will hear your future self reaching back to you today through time and space whispering… You were born for these very times. Do not be afraid. Have faith in what you cannot yet...
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Receiving the Call that Counts: The Call from Your Future

Have you ever been affected by a work of art so profoundly that it stopped you in your tracks? Sometimes—maybe often—these moments are a call from our future even if in the moment we don’...
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