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Maiden Archetype

The Missing Ingredient to Happiness

Do you start the New Year with renewed hope and optimism for positive change only to find yourself 12 months later rewriting the same vows to yourself? In this episode of Women Thriving, Unapologetically, Lynsie ...
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Relaxing the Inner Critic – Going With the Flow

I would love to liveLike a river flows,Carried by the surpriseOf its own unfolding.~ John O’Donohue We can be so hard on ourselves, can’t we? Pushing toward a goal with unrelenting harshness, trying to control th...
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The Mysterial Sequence: The Maiden Wound

This is the fourth in a five part series on The Mysterial Sequence. To receive insight and support, join us here. This series on The Mysterial Sequence outlines a developmental pathway that I’ve spent two dec...
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