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Women’s Leadership

A Mysterial Woman Who Leads

Do you Recognize Your Own Mysterial Leadership Emerging? This budding quality of leadership is not based exclusively on roles, power, and command over others. It is an integral way of being that takes into accoun...
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You Can Be Oceanic Even When the Fires are Burning

You are Oceanic By Tapiwa Mugabe  All she wanted was to find a place to stretch her bones A place to lengthen her smiles and spread her hair A place where her legs could walk without cu...
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Where is women’s leadership heading in 2020?

In the past decade, we’ve made huge strides in the field of women’s leadership. More women ran for public office in 2018 than ever before. #MeToo has helped take steps toward true and real equality. A recent McKinse...
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Women Taking the Lead

I had the pleasure of joining life coach and colleague Jodi Flynn on her show Women Taking the Lead. She has created a uniquely engaging format in her conversations, where she asks her guests to not only speak a...
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Thriving in Business and Life

Leading organizations today recognize that we live complex lives, and that we can be our most creative and productive selves when we bring more of who we are into the corporate culture. The need to split ourselv...
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