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Women Rising Reset on FB Live


Join me for three days March 1-3, in our generative FB comunity as we explore what it measn to be a woman rising into a whole new level of leadership that brings together all of our Feminine and Masculine strenghts. Click here for more information and to join.

Mysterial Resilience Essentials


A 15 week program starting March 9, 2021. Take the First Step onto the Mysterial Leadership Pathway and Create a Long-Lasting Resilience Container.

Opening Ritual for New Mysterial Community Home


On the full moon in Sagittarius, at 11:00 PST, we'll host a Mysterial Murmuration welcome celebration in our new "home." I will ritually open our space, share my vision for our community, and you'll have a chance to meet one another. Join Our Community Read more about our new Mysterial Murmuration Community