Mysterial Integration Vessel Program

Emerging Mysterial Women
Stabilizing Empowered Radiant Presence

It is an amazing feat of nature that a bamboo seed spends many years underground slowly developing, before all of a sudden, in 24 hours,
it shoots 4 feet up in the air. 

Having completed the Level 1 program it is time to burst out of the ground and transition from greenhouse to garden - so that what has already begun emerging can keep coming forth, hardening off and strengthening as you share your Empowered Radiant Presence with the outer world.


As with the shoot that needs to transition from the greenhouse to the garden, the Mysterial Integration Vessel Program offers you the next container for your Mysterial Emergence. The program provides you with the guidance to put roots in, to stabilize and to transition, as your Mysterial being comes online more and more. This is your new way of being in the world, but to stay steadfast and embodied, it is also important to honor the period of adjustment. During this transition time, it can be very helpful to stay connected in a resonant field with others who are also committed to their own awakening and creative contribution. 

You have already done the hard work in the Level 1 program of cultivating the healthy inner Mother and Hero archetypes. From that solid base, new capacities are poised to come online as you continue to activate the remaining archetypes, clear their shadows and cultivate their healthy expressions.

For those who are just graduating from the first global online Mysterial Leadership Depth Program this will be a great way to continue to nourish your emergent Mysterial wisdom, love and power. If you were in one of the earlier Level 1 programs this would be an ideal way to turn on your engines again and re-engage with our transformational work inside a dynamic, supportive community of other emerging Mysterials. 

The Mysterial Integration Vessel Program is also about preparing you to receive the future nourishment from the forthcoming Father-Maiden-Crone Program which launches in early 2018. Some of you will be ready next year to go all the way through the Sequence as I guide a small group of women through our first global online version of the Level 2 program. Stay tuned for more info about that soon. 

The Vessel program provides you with the CONTAINER to support what’s already happening, the ACCELERATION to allow your mysterial patterns to emerge, and the practices to STABILIZE your learning.


Container - a vessel to encourage and support what’s already happening, and deepen the integration and full embodiment of your learning. 

Acceleration - like putting a heat lamp on what’s already emerging in preparation for what’s next, holding space for your Mysterial pattern that wants to and will emerge.

Stabilizing - your learning from the earlier programs must deeply ground before you can shoot up into the air of your life through the second Polarity and the synthesizing Crone. 


Program Structure Overview

As in the Level 1 program, there will be a creative container to support your Mysterial Integration. This 3 month program will run from September - November 2017. A minimum of 6 participants is required by Sept. 1. 

The program includes:

  • Monthly Group 90 minute Coaching call and recording. Live Calls: 2nd Wednesday of each month: Sept. 13, Oct. 11, November 8, at 12:00 - 1:30 pm Pacific Time.
  • Additional teaching from Suzanne to help your integration. 
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for community engagement, connecting, sharing what you’re seeing, exploring what you feel challenged by and identifying where you are hitting bumps in your journey.
  • Mysterial Leadership Practices Worksheets to customize your body, mind, heart and soul practices for this phase of your journey.
  • Accountability to continue your exploration and review of practices to deepen.
  • Optional connection with Learning Partners to continue to deepen your exploration in preparation for the second Polarity. Program Dates: September 13 to November 30, 2017.


Invest in You

This is your time to create the conditions for your ongoing Mysterial Emergence. We need each other in these chaotic times and we need the containers that nourish us and challenge us to keep on growing and contributing in the world in these critical days. 

Single Payment $847:

Payment Plan $297 over 3 months:

A limited number of scholarships are available upon request.

The Mysterial Leadership Essentials
Facilitator’s Track

Providing personal and professional support for coaches, therapists, facilitators, managers and mentors who are passionate about facilitating deep change. The Mysterial Leadership Essentials Facilitator’s Track is ideal for women who are already doing work as a guide for other women. The program will engage you in learning and exploring your own personal journey, as well as strengthening your professional container for deeper, more nourishing work with your clients, mentees, team members and peers. Read the full description on the Essentials registration page here.

Special offer:
participate in the Vessel program for $847
AND the Fall 2017 Essentials Facilitator's Track for just $100 (save $197)

Single Payment $947

Payment Plan $331 over 3 months


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