"I felt a cascading effect...the soul-economy you feel when you're in alignment with the universe."

- Victoria Baker, Waldorf School Teacher


As an educator and caretaker, Victoria embodied a nurturing role in her career, yet realized that she wasn’t providing for herself what she gave to others. She sought to create integrity between her personal and professional life.

Although central in many activities and a leader in her community, she felt more of an observer in life, on the periphery, apart from and not engaged in the meaningful work she was putting out into the world. She wanted to be present in her life, instead of having things pass by in a hectic blur while she stood on the outside, looking in. Victoria realized that the healing modalities she was using were actually more rope to hang herself with, instead of deep change she could sustain.

Her focus on her life, children, work and marriage reoriented entirely. The community and Mysterial Sequence was deeply impactful for Victoria to make the shifts she needed. Slowing down and focusing on the important moments in life, being present and controlling her “what’s next" was an important life shift for Victoria. 


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"The most valuable thing I learned is to be in my own body…learning to be comfortable with my authentic being"

- Elizabeth Friesen

"Once I had more connection with my inner self, I was able to make decisions that I didn't know needed to be made."

-Arlene Fairfield

"We are needed - and this way of being, our Mysterial leadership, is needed"

-Meghann McNiff

“There was a vastness to the shift that occurred in my life.”

- Nota Lucas