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You Make Your Path By Walking:
A Transformational Field Guide Through Trauma & Loss

When her beloved husband took his life, and with it her life as she knew it, Suzanne Anderson faced a choice: would she be broken down and defeated, or broken open and transformed?

Part memoir, part guidebook, You Make Your Path by Walking accompanies readers on the journey through the barren landscape of trauma and grief, offering comfort, guidance, and inspiration to make meaning out of loss.

Drawing from her years of exploration into the development of human potential and her shattering lived journey of loss, Suzanne guides you to make your own path through the darkest of times and to become a light in the world that others can look to in their own times of need.

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Suzanne Anderson, MA
About the Author

Suzanne Anderson, MA

Suzanne Anderson, MA, is the founder of The Mysterial Woman, a psychologist, author, coach, leadership consultant, and transformational teacher. Her pioneering work in guiding others to awaken their full Feminine and Masculine strengths combines insights and practices from ancient wisdom, depth psychology, and modern neuroscience. She has dedicated the past thirty years to decoding an embodied, integral, and accelerated archetypal pathway to unlock the next level of our innate potential.

Combining her graduate studies in women’s developmental psychology together with her decades as a leadership consultant, Suzanne wisely guides women to awaken to the next level of consciousness and leadership capacity, making the changes in themselves they want to shape in the world.

She facilitates global online programs, workshops, and retreats, and is the coauthor of the triple award-winning book The Way of the Mysterial Woman: Upgrading How You Live, Love, and Lead. Originally from Canada, Suzanne now lives in Seattle, WA.

You Make Your Path by Walking offers the blueprint for how to move through the chaos, confusion and uncertainty of trauma and loss – whether personal or collective – with grace and resilience.

It is our time to become living embodiments of a new human story. We must create a womb of becoming for ourselves and others beyond victimhood and being knocked down by the complexity and uncertainty of our times. What Suzanne Anderson offers in You Make Your Path by Walking is a marvelous pathway to become the possible human through the challenging circumstances in our lives. Reading this remarkable book will put you on the path of becoming all that you can and must be in these extraordinary times.

Jean HoustonPhD, author of The Possible Human